Smart Sustainability

Industry 4.0 promotes sustainability

The ecological footprint has established itself as an important sustainability indicator for the production of a product. It indicates how much CO2 is required for the production. In many cases, the challenge for the overall system of motors, drives, transmissions and actuators (e.g. servo pump) lies in calculating the energy consumption over the operating cycle. This is made difficult by the fact that in many cases the efficiencies depend on the respective operating point. 

Intelligent drives enable data to be recorded in real time and direct calculations to be performed with efficiency characteristics in order to determine the real efficiencies. In this way, the real energy consumption of the machine can be determined and the ecological footprint can be deduced. In addition, the data acquired can be used to identify and specifically optimize individual energy consumers in the process.

These data are also important for calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a machine. 

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