Simulation - Higher level of efficiency and quality in the machine's development process

  • Increasing complexity in the development of machines and systems as well as growing demands for flexibility
  • Increased engineering and commissioning costs for the development of new machines (personnel and financial)
  • Longer time-to-market
  • Models for the simulation of Baumüller drive components (e.g. for inverter series b maXX 4000 and 5000)
  • Engineering support in the design and implementation of the entire machine while using common simulation tools
  • Faster time-to-market: More efficient engineering, software can be tested on virtual machine during the development phase (different configurations, different customer cycles)
  • Machine optimization: Errors are corrected at an early stage and the interplay of the individual components is evaluated in advance
  • Increase in efficiency: Precision in the dimensioning of the electric drive train through simulation of the entire system saves operating costs

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