BAUDIS IoT – Predictive maintenance and process optimization reduces service costs

  • Ongoing optimization of availability required in production
  • High maintenance and spare parts costs due to fixed maintenance intervals
  • Heterogeneous machinery with different manufacturers and years of manufacture
  • Globally used, highly-specialized service teams
  • Complete BAUDIS IoT system
  • Design and consultation, sensor system, evaluation units, software, connection to the IT infrastructure
  • Digitization of brownfield and greenfield plants
  • Increased availability: Predictable maintenance measures reduce service costs and downtime
  • Cost reduction: Maintenance and replacement only due to actual wear
  • Service optimization: Resource-optimized planning of service deployments
  • Increased productivity: Ongoing process analysis and optimization through customizable big data algorithms
  • Scalable solution: Can be used independently of the manufacturer and year of manufacture and thus is flexible to retrofit and expand

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