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Diagnostics is an essential component of modern maintenance planning. We work together with you to develop the ideal concept for your systems and their components.

Vibration analysis | Condition Monitoring

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Constant monitoring of critical process parameters.
Baumüller Services uses the term "Condition Monitoring" to unite a sophisticated system of analyses and measurements in order to investigate the status of machines during ongoing operation and to thus detect anomalies at an early stage. » Learn more

Partial discharge measurement

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Detailed depth analysis of the insulation system:
Partial discharge measurement can be used to investigate the aging of the insulation system and identify local weak points in the insulation, whereupon recommended actions can be derived. » Learn more

Insulation resistance and polarization index measurement

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Industry-standard for measuring insulation resistance:
Our goal is your benefit: Our experience in the area of machine diagnostics will support you in the evaluation of your machine's condition » Learn more

Loss factor measurement / tangent delta measurement

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Analysis and assessment of the insulation system:
The tangent delta measurement is an effective method for determining the condition of the insulation system and further operational reliability. » Learn more

Commutator concentricity monitoring

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Preventive maintenance work:
During the commutator concentricity check, the true running and the long or short stroke are documented and graphically represented. Any defect detected on the commutator surface can be reworked, if necessary. » Learn more

Visual methods: Thermal imaging, endoscopy

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Preventive maintenance of your machines and systems using thermal imaging analyses:
Thermal imaging analyses can be used in many ways. They are well suited, for example, for checking electrical equipment, such as switch cabinet systems, and thus for detecting unbalances and overloads. Damaged insulators and crimped connections can also be identified. » Learn more