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Switchgear construction

We are your partner for your complete switchgear

We produce custom, standard-compliant switchgear and are the reliable partner at your side, from the planning to implementation.

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SchaltanlagenbauAssembly and wiring

  • Production of switchgear in line with your custom specifications
  • Creation of projects with own engineering service
  • Project planning according to international standards
  • Custom & series production

Our range of services:

  • Planning, design and documentation
  • Procurement of all required building components and components
  • Mechanical creation of housing and mounting plates
  • Establishment of connection lines and cable sets
  • Mechanical setup and wiring of switchgear
  • Electrical testing in the test room with corresponding logging
  • Functional testing of assemblies and switchgear
  • Laser engraving of type plates
  • Custom-specific packaging

Due to our many years of experience and intensive exchange with customers, we guarantee you a smooth project handling, from the creation of plans tot he delivery of tested switchgear.

Standard wiring

The wiring of our switchgear is based on international standards. We provide you with designed and manufactured control cabinets with the CE mark and a declaration of conformity and a manufacturer's declaration. Each control cabinet is tested before delivery according to the applicable national and international standards or according to customer specifications..