Webinar: Preventing defective engine bearings - without external sensors


How intelligent monitoring functions can help you to detect changes in the drive train and prevent possible machine failures. In real time and without the use of external sensors, additional wiring or a separate evaluation unit.

Do your customers need to be able to determine and document the current behavior of the machine’s drive components during commissioning, maintenance or service? And to prevent possible damage in the process?

With the Baumüller smart monitoring function, all parameters relevant to the drive train can be recorded in “hard” real time – right down to the controller cycle. The drive then pre-processes the data, which is then transferred to analysis tools such as ProDrive. One advantage of this: The data can later be used for quality assurance or for diagnostics in the event of a fault, among other things.

In the webcast you will find out:

  • How intelligent drives are becoming a data and sensor hub

  • Smart monitoring with the help of the oscilloscope function integrated in the drive

  • How to enable triggering in response to specific events or error patterns

  • Use case: How the motor temperature can be used to identify the utilization rate of the machine

You can find more information in our webcast.

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