Information about Covid-19

Due to the special situation arising from the COVID-19 virus, we have compiled all the information here on how to deal with the virus at Baumüller. This information will be updated continuously.

Delivery situation

The spread of the coronavirus has led to disruptions in the global movement of goods. Currently, the ability to deliver can be maintained by accessing stocks and alternative sources of supply.  An in-house task force of experienced employees is continually analysing the current material supply. This enables us to identify possible supply shortages and, together with our suppliers, to take countermeasures if required.

At present, it is not possible for us to make any predictions regarding the further development of the supply chain, as the situation can change at short notice. If current events lead to shortages in supply, we will seek direct contact with individual customers as soon as possible and work together to find a solution.

Measures to secure business operations

In the last few days, the Baumüller Group has developed a crisis plan to be prepared specifically for possible restrictions. Many of our employees can work at home and are still available for you even in case of a quarantine. You can communicate with them via web meeting, email and telephone.

The following measures have already been implemented:

  • Protection of the internal core processes and test run for mobile work in all relevant company areas was successfully completed
  • Separation of important departments (e.g. temporary spatial separation, division into different locations)
  • Reduction of internal meetings and use of web meetings
  • Cancellation of internal events
  • Restrictions on travel, travel to defined risk areas does not currently take place
  • Employees returning from risk areas work temporarily from home in consultation with the company doctor
  • Raising awareness among employees (e.g. avoiding shaking hands, avoiding large crowds, etc.)

General information can be found on the websites of the following institutions:

Last update: 2020/07/11