A Donation to Benefit the Little Ones

Baumüller is making a donation for the expansion of the intensive care unit at the Children’s Department at Nuremberg Hospital Nürnberger Klinikum Süd

Spendenübergabe im Klinikum SüdKarin Baumüller-Söder (2nd from left) hands over the donation for the construction of the intensive care unit for children to the representatives of the Nürnberger Klinikum Süd, Judith Peltner (nursing service manager, left), Prof. Dr. Christoph Fusch (head physician, 2nd from right) and Prof. Achim Jockwig (managing director of the Nürnberger Klinikum)In October of last year, Günter Baumüller, owner of the Baumüller Group, passed away after a brief severe illness. Instead of flowers, the Baumüller family asked for a donation to be made to the Children’s Department at Nürnberger Klinikum Süd. During his lifetime, Günter Baumüller placed great importance on the welfare of children and youth. In addition to other social projects, such as in the area of education, he was a supporter of the Children’s Department at Nürnberger Klinikum Süd for many years. Together with the proceeds from the annual Christmas donation campaign and the direct donation from the company Baumüller, it was possible this time to collect a total donation of EUR 25,000.

Karin Baumüller-Söder, daughter of Günter Baumüller, handed over the donation to the Hospital. The money will be used to build an Intermediate Care (IMC) unit for children. Children requiring monitoring after intensive care will be treated in the unit until they are stabilized. These children previously had to either remain in the intensive care ward, be specially cared for in normal wards or had to be moved to other hospitals. "I am very pleased that the new unit can now become a reality and we can give children the care they need," says Judith Peltner, nursing service manager at the hospital.

The unit will have four beds and be named after Günter Baumüller in memory of his long commitment to supporting the Children’s Department. "My father was always committed to supporting the well-being of children and youth and would have been happy to help the young patients with his donation," says Karin Baumüller-Söder.