Smart Automation and Smart Services

Baumüller is presenting intelligent automation solutions and future-proof services at the Hannover Messe 2018

The specialist for automation and innovative electric drive technology, Baumüller, will present its wide range of Industry 4.0 solutions at the Hannover Messe from April 23-27, 2018. In hall 14, stand H12, the experts will use demonstrative exhibits to show the advantages of simulations, wizard-guided commissioning, predictive maintenance and intelligent process monitoring.

At this year’s Hannover Messe, in addition to systems and components, Baumüller will present a wide range of services, covering consultation and engineering services for mechanical engineering and machine operators, as well as complete service throughout the entire life cycle of machines and systems with its different subsidiaries. In this way, visitors to the trade fair stand can find out about the design of new drive systems and the optimization of existing drive systems as well as learn about the wide range of training sessions on offer and the latest tools and software solutions. In addition, experts will present current service concepts from the field of Industry 4.0.BAUDIS IoTBAUDIS IoT: The system for process optimization and predictive maintenance, creates a significantly high added value due to big data analysis

Modular Design for More Flexibility

At the trade fair stand, Baumüller will show live how to optimally link individual production processes with the right interfaces. Using the example of an interlinked system, Baumüller will show how machines can be coupled so that several steps occur in one process. The automation specialist equips entire machine modules, from the motor to the software, which can then be linked to each other via suitable interfaces or that can be integrated into existing systems. The modular structure also continues in the software. Users can acquire individual pre-programmed functional modules or entire modular libraries containing validated modules, thereby shortening development times and increasing the quality of the software.

The commissioning wizard is particularly user friendly in the software area. This quickly and intuitively guides the user through the individual commissioning steps, such as the commissioning of servo pumps in the injection molding area. Users therefore benefit from a quick commissioning with a lower probability of errors.

Optimized Time-to-Market with the Digital Twin

Mechanical engineers and users can shorten development times and optimize existing systems with the latest simulation services and component models from Baumüller. Using a so-called digital twin, the machine performance can already be predicted in the design process. In this way, the machine’s behavior during operation can already be tested prior to commissioning and errors can be detected and rectified at an early stage. Mechanical engineers also receive all of the required project data about the drive train already at an early stage of the development process and can thus design it accordingly. This shortens the commissioning times and the probability of errors is greatly reduced. In addition, this eliminates preliminary commissioning at the mechanical engineer's location and the machines can be set up directly at the customer's location.

The new virtual models can not only be used to design drive systems, but they can also be used to optimize existing systems. Potential for improvement can be identified and tested in the simulation.

Smart Services for Product Optimization

Baumüller is presenting additional innovations in the smart services sector. With BAUDIS IoT, the automation specialist is exhibiting an intelligent solution for optimizing processes and for continuously monitoring components and machine states. BAUDIS IoT collects and analyzes data, which is then recorded, archived and evaluated on site by the operator or via a cloud at the company headquarters or at an external service provider location. This data is analyzed using algorithms, which are constantly evolving and thereby becoming more intelligent, in order to then be able to issue useful recommendations for process optimization or maintenance activities to the machine operator. BAUDIS IoT is manufacturer-independent and can be retrofitted at any time. It uses big data to improve processes and prevents long downtimes and unexpected service cases.

Decentralized DrivesThe new servo motors DSH1 are particularly well-suited for use in applications that require maximum running smoothnessThe most important basis of smart services is the communication of data. With Ubiquity, Baumüller offers a solution here for secure remote maintenance. The highest safety standards are implemented with the software solution, which is certified according to IEC 62443-3-3. It is not necessary to use separate hardware here, because the runtime environment is already pre-installed on the Windows-based Baumüller operating panels. It is therefore only necessary to purchase the customer domain once.

In addition to the necessary software solutions, Baumüller offers consultation and services in the field of remote maintenance, diagnostics and networked production. With its subsidiaries Baumüller Reparaturwerk and Baumüller Anlagen-Systemtechnik, Baumüller brings its long-term experience in service, monitoring and the optimization of motors to the table.

Compact with Decentralized Drive Technology

In the component sector, Baumüller will present innovations from the fields of control units, converters and motors to trade fair visitors this year. Baumüller is focusing here on the topic of decentralized drive technology for mobile and traditional industrial applications.

Baumüller offers numerous advantages in system design to machine and vehicle manufacturers with its various decentralized drive solutions. If converters are not positioned centrally in the converter, but rather near to the motor or directly at the motor, this often results in significant space savings and less wiring effort. In addition, decentralized solutions counter the trend of machine modularization. For example with its powerMELA drive system, which is a joint project with Sensor-Technik Wiedemann, Baumüller offers a decentralized drive system that is specifically optimized for use in mobile commercial vehicles and work machines. Tried-and-tested decentralized concepts are also available for traditional mechanical engineering with the b maXX 2500 and the DSDI small servo motors.

Product Highlights

Multi axis controller b maXX 5800The multi-axis controller b maXX 5800 contains up to six scalable axes, which makes it a particularly compact solution for machines with several drivesThe servo motors of the DSH1 series were developed for applications that require maximum precision. Thanks to an extra-low cogging torque, the latest derivative of the servo motor product range achieves an extremely good control quality, making it particularly suitable for applications that require a high level of running smoothness. The DSH1 servo motors are available in the sizes of 45-100, covering a speed range of up to 5000 rpm.

With the multi-axis controller b maXX 5800, b maXX is presenting a compact solution for the control of up to six drive axes. The controller can be freely configured by the mechanical engineer, i.e. it can be equipped with exactly the right individual axis performance. The compact system reduces the wiring effort and provides faster communication, since dead times from the fieldbus communication from one controller to the other are eliminated.

New devices are also available with the traditional modular systems where the axis units b maXX 5300 are now suitable for peak currents of up to max. 430 A and therefore are also suitable for significantly higher nominal currents up to approximately 180 A.

In the area of control technology, Baumüller is presenting scalable and versatile solutions for all types of production systems with its HMIs and the box PCs b maXX PCC-04. A large number of interfaces for the PCs and different versions of the HMIs allows for a flexibly linkable and scalable machine design. Due to the integrated EtherCAT master and its expandability, the industrial PCs can be used either as a master or control center computer or it can be incorporated as a slave into existing Ethernet-based systems. The HMIs are available in three different designs and impress above all due to the integrated secure remote maintenance Ubiquity.

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