Learning by doing

Baumüller offers customized product training and workshops

He teaches under the premise “Learning by doing” and does well with this. Matthias Beetz, head of the Baumüller Academy, is a trainer out of passion. Training participants from around the world receive technical knowledge and valuable tips along their way in the training center of the drive and automation specialist Baumüller. Customers, employees and groups of students come in and out of the facility at the headquarters in Nuremberg all year round. Matthias BeetzTraining coach Matthias Beetz travels around the world to carry out technical training sessions at customer locations

Baumüller offers its customers specific training so that they can get to know their product and easily solve all technical questions. Training participants include, for example, developers, commissioning engineers or service technicians who must know exactly what they are doing. Matthias Beetz allows the participants to work independently with and on the technical products: On specially developed training setups, they can learn practically how to program, parameterize and maintain control systems, converters and motors.

In the training rooms, conference rooms and the spacious technical center, they learn how to properly handle Baumüller products and their functions. Alternatively, Beetz goes on tour to carry out on-site training for national and international customers as needed, i.e. directly on the machine, or to carry out in-house training at the individual Baumüller branches around the world.

"We offer a true complete package here,” explains Matthias Beetz, head of the academy, who shows up with mobile training systems, laptops, a projector and screen when necessary.

Special workshops

In addition to training on various products, the Baumüller Academy is also where internal training sessions, lectures and workshops on the software modules of Baumüller take place. This year, the Coordinated Motion and Servo Press modules will be examined more closely.

The Baumüller Academy also facilitates the promotion of young talent and the continuing education of employees. Various promotions, such as the Girls’ Day, take place on site and motivate young people.

More information can be found at https://www.baumueller.com/en/services/academy.

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