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Baumüller presents products and solutions at the automation trade fair Sindex in Bern

The Nuremberg-based specialist for drive and automation solutions, Baumüller, will be presenting automation at the Swiss trade fair Sindex from August 28-30, 2018. In hall 2.0 at stand C03, visitors can learn about the latest products in drive technology, from servomotors to box PCs, as well as about the advantages and possibilities of simulation and Industry 4.0.

Solutions for the Smart Factory

Using the example of a robotics application, the Baumüller experts at the trade fair stand will explain how complete system modules can be used to realize the automation of machines and systems quickly and without unnecessary programming effort. Pre-programmed software modules make detailed knowledge of programming unnecessary and shorten the time-to-market significantly. Abb3 BaudisIoT AnlageWith BAUDIS IoT, machines and systems can be monitored and analyzed remotely or locally, thereby reducing unexpected downtimes and identifying potential for process optimization

The optimization and diagnostic tool BAUDIS IoT makes intelligent predictive maintenance a reality and makes process optimizations visible. BAUDIS IoT runs on industrial PCs or on the retrofittable BAUDIS IoT box and is therefore suitable for both greenfield and brownfield systems. The task of BAUDIS IoT is to generate data for further transfer and for analysis locally at the operator's location or via the cloud. The tool can be used to reduce downtimes due to unplanned servicing or to optimize processes and machine utilization.

Secure remote maintenance

Another topic associated with Industry 4.0 is the secure remote maintenance of machines and systems. Baumüller offers Ubiquity here, one of the first software packages in industrial remote maintenance that has been certified according to IEC 62443-3-3 and that therefore corresponds to the requirements of the basic protection catalog of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). With Ubiquity, Baumüller allows for a secure and simple access to machines around the world. The system can be realized without separate hardware, since the runtime is already pre-installed on all b maXX HMIs of Baumüller.

Future security with a digital twin

5800The multi-axis controller b maXX 5800 accommodates up to six drive axes; the performance for each individual axis is freely selectableThe simulation of machines and drive units can be used to shorten the time-to-market and save costs. At Sindex, Baumüller is presenting innovative simulation methods that mechanical engineers can use as an engineering service. The digital twin maps the machine behavior already before production and commissioning so that constructive or systematic errors can be detected at an early stage and rectified and so that potential for optimization becomes visible.

Precision in the Hardware

On the hardware side, the Nuremberg-based company is introducing, among other items, the multi-axis controller b maXX 5800, in which the user can integrate up to six axes. It is particularly worth using the device in applications that require a high level of compactness. The user has absolute flexibility when selecting the performances of each individual axis so that he can avoid costly oversizing. By eliminating the fieldbus dead times, the multi-axis controller also offers a high level of precision through highly-synchronous communication.

The new high-precision servomotor DSH1 with an extremely low cogging torque can also impress when it comes to precision. These motors achieve a very high control quality, especially in connection with the Baumüller drive electronics. Combined with speeds of up to 5,000 rpm, the DSH1 are the optimal solution for applications with high requirements for precision and dynamics.
Other highlights include the decentralized drive b maXX 2500 with a voltage supply of up to 780 V DC and the powerful box PC b maXX PCC-04.

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