Full Throttle to the Future of E-Mobility

Baumüller Sponsors the Formula Student Team from the Nuremberg Institute of Technology

IMG 0754Baumüller Sponsors the Formula Student Team from the Technical University of Nuremberg: Strohm + SöhneDesigning and building your own race car. Not exactly an everyday pastime. But this is exactly what students from the Nuremberg Institute of Technology Georg Simon Ohm are passionate about. The Formula Student makes it possible: Students here work as a team of developers, designers, buyers, project planners, controllers and racers.

Every year, student teams with self-designed and built fully electric Formula race cars compete against each other in the international competition. Students put into action all of the theoretical knowledge that they have learned at the university here. In the end, there is a finished race car that must comply with about 100 pages of technical guidelines, including the associated marketing plan.

Advancing e-mobility

Italy 8The new vehicle from Strohm + Söhne for the 2018 season, “NoRa 5,” was used for the first time in mid-July in Italy“We are happy that young people are so excited about technology. That’s the motivation that an industrial company like Baumüller needs,” says Andreas Baumüller, managing partner of the Baumüller Group. That is why Baumüller is supporting Strohm + Söhne, the Formula Student team from the Nuremberg Institute of Technology, with donations and donations in kind as well as supportive cooperation. With its long-term experience as a drive and automatization specialist for mobile applications, Baumüller is also very interested in projects that advance e-mobility.

On June 28, 2018, the team presented the new race car “NoRa 5.” “We have spent a whole season getting perfectly prepared for 2018 to be able to go to the starting line with a fully operational race car,” says team leader Michaela Gremer, who is pleased about the successful rollout of the race car. The “NoRa 5” was used properly for the first time from July 11-15 in Italy. Then Strohm + Söhne competed against teams from all over the world. Only those that receive the demanding technical approval were approved for other disciplines, such as the acceleration test and the king of all disciplines: the endurance race over 22.5 km.

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