Efficient Power Generation with Wind Power

Baumüller develops wind power generator for sustainable and economical power generation

Renewable energy production is becoming increasingly important considering the scarcity of fossil fuels and climate change: Wind offers a sustainable solution. In Sankt Michaelisdonn in Schleswig-Holstein, the company Solutions 4 Energy is currently testing a modern 20-meter high small wind turbine. The drive specialist Baumüller developed a wind power generator specifically for this purpose, which impresses with its high level of efficiency and an innovative cooling concept.WindkraftThe wind power generator DSHT-650 from Baumüller impresses with a high level of efficiency and a compact design

Emission-free solution

DSHT ENSolutions 4 Energy GmbH from Rostock plans and produces small wind turbines for the production of clean energy. Baumüller, the specialist for drive and automatization systems from Nuremberg, supplies Solutions 4 Energy with the wind power generator DSHT-650, which is installed directly behind the rotor blades of the wind turbine. This means that gearing can be done without and the maintenance effort is kept as low as possible.

Maximum energy yield

Solutions 4 Energy had the requirement of realizing the system without using oil, i.e. completely doing without hydraulics and gearing. In order to meet the request for durability, stability and maximum yield, the Baumüller specialists used an efficient kit motor with internal rotor and an innovative cooling principle. The 80-pole motor concept of the newly developed DSHT-650 allows for a high torque, despite the low speeds, and a quiet running with virtually no cogging torque. With its high level of efficiency, the DSHT impresses with a high yield performance and low heat development. Baumüller was able to do without a separate fan. The generator is cooled by special cooling fins transverse to the rotor exclusively with the wind flow. The very high level of system efficiency allows for a maximum energy yield. In addition, a special coating ensures a high level of corrosion protection and high resistance to weathering. Solutions 4 Energy is thus able to meet the same standards with its small wind turbine as for large wind turbines.

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