Full Steam Ahead with Electric Support

Germany's oldest twin-screw passenger steamer, the Prinz Heinrich, drives aided by Baumüller servo technology

prinz heinrichThe traditional ship Prinz Heinrich drives traditionally only with power from the steam boiler, but maneuvering is aided by an electric drive system from BaumüllerBuilt in 1909 in the Meyer shipyard in Leer, East Frisia, the traditional ship Prinz Heinrich has already had an impressive journey. Germany’s oldest twin-screw passenger steamer was built for passenger transport, was used as a supply ship in the world wars and in the meantime was even converted into a motor ship. For some time, the Prinz Heinrich was a museum ship until it, in a visibly poor condition, was whipped back into shape by the specially founded association “Traditional Ship Prinz Heinrich e.V.” Today, the ship is a National Cultural Monument and has been fully operational since the restoration work in the summer of 2018. The ship once again runs traditionally powered by a steam boiler as it once did.

prinz heinrich enHowever, one small detail has changed: The job at the helm is not as strenuous as it was a hundred years ago. This is made possible by a retrofitted power steering with electric assistance from a Baumüller drive system with the disc rotor motor DSM 190.

The drive system, consisting of a b maXX mobile controller designed specifically for mobile use and the disc rotor DSM 190, increases the power transmission from the helm to the rudder, greatly improving the maneuverability.