Play Smart – what volleyball and electric motors connects

In an interview, Florian Tafelmayer explains his double role as team captain of the SV Schwaig Volleyball and as a calculation engineer at Baumüller Nuremberg. The medium-sized company in the drive and automation industry regularly supports projects in the region.

  1. How is the current season going so far, and what are your goals??

The season runs from mid-September to the end of April, and so far it's going very well. The field is fairly balanced for teams in the second league; here everyone can win against everyone. We did have some bad luck with injuries, but we overcame that. Currently we are in 5th place – that's great, because we want to play at the very top. It does take luck as well: Everything has to fit if you want to be the schwaig nuernbergTeam spirit at SV Schwaig Volleyball, sponsored by Baumüller | Image: SV Schwaig

  1. What role do you play on SV Schwaig, and what is your job at Baumüller?

This is my fourth season playing with SV Schwaig, and my third year being captain. I like the fact that it’s a team sport, where communication is very important: Clarifying little things between the club and the players or within the team itself is part of the job. We are a team – and the team members can rely on each other. In volleyball, there’s always a lot of action because the playing field is so small; there are no breathers, you always have to be on the ball.

I also really enjoy working at Baumüller. I’ve been working as a calculation engineer for two years, testing the strength of the electric motors. Communication is also important in the professional  world. I think it's great that we have short chains of service paths  in the company and a good relationships with designers. These kinds of motors are highly complex, and they take a lot of brainpower. Volleyball is the ideal counterpart to my responsibilities at Baumüller.

  1. What does the Baumüller sponsorship mean for the association?

For SV Schwaig, the financial support is extremely important. We are a club that does a lot of youth work. Our halls are constantly occupied: starting in the afternoon when school is off, until the evening when adult training starts. Personally, I think it's really great that my employer is involved as a sponsor. Baumüller not only produce excellent automation systems, they also give back to the region. That’s something to be proud of.