Compact with new cooling option

Baumüller offers three-phase current synchronous motors with new cooling option

Baumüller, the Nuremberg-based drive and automation specialist, offers its DS2 three-phase current synchronous motors with four different cooling options. In addition to the radial air-cooled, axial air-cooled and water-cooled options, the variant with integrated fan is now available for sizes 132 and 160.

The great advantage of the integrated fan compared to classic fan cooling is its compactness. The integration of a special built-in motor eliminates the need for the conventional mounted fan motor. The fan motors often prove cumbersome when integrated into the machine, unnecessarily enlarging the footprint of the machines. Internal ventilation is particularly suitable for applications with high overloads or high effective torque and short cycle times, such as in blow molding machines or servo-hydraulic drives.

Vergleich-Kuehloptionen-Compare-cooling-optionFig.: With the new internal ventilation cooling option, Baumüller has made its three-phase current synchronous motors even more compact. The fan motor in the classic solution on the right in the picture leads to an interfering contour, which the new version (left) does not have

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