Spare parts & units

Your machinery and systems consist of many and often very complex individual parts. But even the most robust part will suffer from material fatigue at some stage. The failure of critical parts can then quickly lead to the failure of your entire machine. We guarantee a very high availability of common wear parts. Through our long regular opening times and 24-hour emergency service, we are always available for you and can provide rapid assistance due to our straightforward procedures — because we understand how critical your situation can be.

Our experienced, expert staff can assist you in identifying the correct spare parts. Our many years of servicing electric drives from a wide range of manufacturers has led to us stocking a vast range of original spares, making us your perfect partner for all your spare parts needs — regardless of the manufacturer.

The right parts at the right place at the right time — that's what we call service

Our specialists will support you in identifying your requirements and creating optimized spare parts packages. You'll also have the option of storing these in-house or in a customer-specific warehouse on our premises that we will make available to you.

Our professional logistics and export procedures will ensure rapid global dispatch of the required spare parts — whenever and wherever the need arises. We also guarantee delivery of Baumüller original spare parts for many years after you cease series production, thus ensuring the long-term operation of your machine.

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