Technical Services

Our dense network of subsidiaries and partner companies allows our service technicians to be deployed around the globe at short notice. Using advanced testing and measuring equipment, your machines and systems will be carefully inspected and maintained. If technically possible, our mobile service teams will carry out repairs on site in order to minimize downtime. Original spare parts and reconditioned spare parts and replacement equipment are used exclusively.

Regular and professional inspections and maintenance provides planning security when it comes to servicing. You will also receive reliable and illuminating data about the condition of your electrical machines.

  • Installation and commissioning
    From component to complete system: During the installation and commissioning of your equipment, our service technicians are available to be on site at your request. They will ensure smooth parametrization and commissioning and provide training for the machine personnel.

  • Inspection and maintenance
    Always be in the loop about the status of your machines: Together with you we create optimized maintenance schedules that are specifically adapted to your needs. Our maintenance personnel perform cyclical inspections for early detection of possible causes of failure, and will initiate the necessary repairs.

  • Retrofit
    Efficient drive modernisation: Regardless of manufacturer, we offer you tailored and multi-level solutions for modernization of your electrical drive systems. With new drive components and control solutions you will quickly achieve greater flexibility and increase the productivity of your system – and while keeping investments at a manageable level.

  • Condition Monitoring
    Keeping one step ahead of line stoppages: With BAUDIS, Baumüller has already set standards for remote monitoring and diagnostics in the printing industry. Baumüller now offers online analysis of each individual drive's parameters for other industries too, while ensuring that you always maintain control over access to your machines and systems.

  • Troubleshooting
    Minimizing downtime: Using high quality metrology, Baumüller service technicians perform both complete system tests and functional tests of individual components in order to locate the cause of the failure and efficiently rectify the problem.

  • Remote diagnostics
    Efficient and rapid diagnosis of your machines: Many problems can be solved remotely by our customer support personnel. Through remote diagnosis via telephone, internet or condition monitoring sensors, we offer a quick and cost-efficient solution to your problem — 24 hours a day and all over the globe.

  • Coil Windings
    Quality Coils for Your Electrical Machines: Aided by modern machines and facilities we produce ready to install coil sets and complete windings, exactly according to your specifications, manufacturer data sheets or through professional re-engineering – always under consideration of the necessary performance requirements.

Baumüller Reparaturwerk GmbH & Co. KG Service

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