b maXX-safePLC

Reduce the complexity of your plants and machines

Integrated safety technology ensures that technical failure, incorrect use or manipulation no longer pose a threat to the production process and safety of employees. In addition to increasing safety, the productivity of the system is also raised. Safety systems exhibit greater availability than comparable standard systems. Thus the built-in diagnostic functions and safe operation of the machine by the employee can contribute to the early detection and elimination of production faults and failures. This prevents costly system downtimes.

Technical Data b maXX-safePLC

  • 32-Bit Risc-CPU 667 MHz
  • Combination of Standard and SIL3
  • CPU capacity: Standard/SIL3 assignment can be parameterized (e.g., 60% / 40%)
  • Standard: 25 µs/1 K instructions

b maXX-safePLC

The b maXX-safePLC BMC-M-SAF-02 combines standard and dual circuit safety control and corresponds to IEC 61508 SIL3 and EN 954 Kat.4. as well as EN 13849 Pl e. The b maXX-safePLC has high realtime performance and suits hoghly synchronous realtime tasks for PLC and motion control functions. The programming of the standard and safety functions is completely integrated in the engineering framework ProMaster. In combinatione with the EtherCAT communication module and the safety protocol FSoE decentralized and hybrid safety topologies are possible. For the use of the b maXX-safePLC a BMC-M-PSB-02 power supply is necessary.

Memory module

The memory module BMC-M-CFI-01 is for downloading and uploading of projects on the PLC. It may be installed between PLC and power supply if updates are performed without an engineering PC. As storage media you may choose between two different Compact Flash Cards.

Power Supply

The power supply BMC-M-PSB-02 feed the CPU and the communication modules and is the connection for the bus terminal.

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