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b maXX-softdrivePLC

With the b maXX-softdrivePLC, Baumüller makes separate control hardware unnecessary for applications suitable for this purpose. Thanks to the combination of motion control and PLC functions in the controller, Baumüller has created a decentralized control architecture for programming in accordance with IEC 61131 that facilitates the design of distributed intelligence in the machine. Control tasks ranging from the simple linking of digital inputs to complex control algorithms can thereby be implemented in a decentralized way in the controller without the need for complex control programming tools.

The ProDrive parameterization tool makes all of this child’s play. The b maXX-softdrivePLC functions as part of the firmware in the Baumüller drive concepts b maXX 5000 and b maXX 3300 and is suitable for single and double-axis applications.
Softdrive PLC can be used to execute programs with cycle times of up to 125 μs so they are highly synchronized with the controller cycle. This allows the programming of special filters, for example. There are also many other advantages:

  • Cost savings due to the elimination of control hardware
  • No fieldbus communication required between two axes
  • Easy implementation of master/slave functions
  • Cross-axis access to parameters possible (double axis)
bmaXX softdrive PLC

ProDrive: User-friendly user interface for a clearly structured and fast use of the commissioning tool

Programming via ProDrive for the Basic version

By using softdrivePLC, you no longer need any complicated control programming tools. Control tasks can be easily implemented in the controller by a decentralized way using the ProDrive parameterization tool – from simple calculations to highly complex control algorithms.

Integrated in ProMaster and programmable with PROPROG 5 as the extended version

The extended version of softdrivePLC is fully integrated into the ProMaster engineering framework. Here you will find all the applications for creating machine and system topology, fieldbus and I/O configurators, as well as applications like the PROPROG 5 programming environment, the ProCAM cam editor, and many more.

 pro master
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