b maXX 5600 - Peak load units

The application-specific servo drives for short-term peak loads

b maXX 5600 - Peak load unitsThe tried-and-tested b maXX automation and drive solution has been extended with the peak load devices of the 5600 series. The derivatives complement the b maXX series and are available in four sizes. This enables Baumüller to meet the requirements of industry-specific applications such as injection molding or extrusion processes, where, among other things, peak outputs are required at short notice. This allows the drive to be optimally adapted to the power requirements of the respective application. Although the series have higher loads, they are available in smaller sizes, minimizing the space required in the control cabinet – so users profit in two ways.

b maXX 5600 — Your advantages at a glance

  • Optimized drive solution for the respective industry requirement
  • Optimum drive dimensioning thanks to the availability of numerous sizes
  • Less space required in the control cabinet thanks to the smaller construction volume of the devices and the use of water cooling, making the control cabinet design more cost-effective
  • Reduced cooling costs in the control cabinet with water cooling
  • Uniformity with other devices of the b maXX series

Master power peaks

servo drives for servo pressesOne major challenge for drive technology, in servo presses for example, is handling power peaks or peak outputs, which occur at the peak, i.e. when the press ram is exactly at the pressing point. In such cases, enormous maximum torques are required to generate the required pressing force and, if necessary, to maintain it. Consequently, the drive technology is not calculated exclusively on the basis of the rated torques, but can also be assessed on the basis of the maximum torque. To meet these enormous requirements, Baumüller offers just the right peak load devices with the b maXX 5600 series.

Fieldbus systems


Technical data b maXX 5600

1) for 1 second with a cycle of 5 seconds
2) compact design, water-cooled
Subject to alteration

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