HYG1 stainless steel servo motor

For processes with high hygiene requirements

Baumüller has developed a new series of stainless-steel motors for aggressive environments and for industries with extremely high demands on hygiene, cleanliness, and corrosion protection. The new HYG1 offers optimum hygienic properties with a high-power density, while simultaneously eliminating the need for space-consuming protective enclosures.

Hygiene begins with the design. The fewer joints, corners, and edges, the better. The HYG1 stainless steel motor is perfectly suitable for food processing, drink bottling as well as the pharmaceutical and packaging industry.

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Space-saving and easy to clean with the HYG1 stainless steel servo motor

hyg1 ip69k v4aThanks to its compact design, high power density, and hygienic properties, this motor is ideally suited to automated, highly dynamic processes. By doing without protective enclosures, further installation space in the machine can be saved, which enables compact and efficient machine design.

High productivity requirements are set, especially for food processing. The protection rating IP69K means that the motor can be cleaned easily and quickly. This in turn means minimum tooling-up and downtimes in operation.

By using Hiperface DSL encoders, the amount of wiring is reduced considerably. In addition to lower system costs, the advantages include easier maintenance.

Your benefits

  • Stainless steel housing in Hygienic Design
  • Reduced space requirements
  • Reduced wiring
  • Fast and easy cleaning
  • Power range of 0.2-1.2 kW

HYG1 servo motors for food processing

Filling Line Fotolia 144679730 webMachines in food processing, beverage filling, and the pharmaceutical and packaging industries must be quick and easy to clean. At the same time, bacterial colonies must never grow as a result of accumulated dirt or cleaning agents.

The compact servo motor has a round stainless steel housing and can be equipped with a single-cable solution and Hiperface DSL encoders without further plug connections, thus requiring very little wiring. All rough edges were eliminated in the HYG1 in order to meet the highest demands on hygiene and durability, even in aggressive environments. The corrugated design of the servo motor maximizes the surface area and therefore the self-cooling capacity of the motor. This makes the power density of the HYG1 especially high in a small installation space.

HYG1 servo motor and its Hygienic Design

The compact servo motor is for industries with very high demands on hygiene, cleanliness, and corrosion protection, even in aggressive environments. The protection rating of IP69K allows high pressure/steam jet cleaning with water.

The HYG1 motor series is currently available in size 36 and in three different lengths with an output of up to 1160 W and a speed of 1000 to 4000 rpm.

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Stainless steel servomotor for processes with high hygiene requirements

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