Modernisation & migration

Drive systems that have been in use for a long time often no longer meet today's requirements for reliability and speed. The procurement of spare parts and servicing also becomes increasingly difficult and costlier. An economical alternative to purchasing a new machine is to modernize the drive system in line with the latest technological standards.

 Baumüller provides customized and multi-level solutions for the modernisation of your electric drive systems — irrespective of the manufacturer. New drive components quickly give you improved flexibility and increase the productivity of your system — and at a reasonable cost. We can equip existing machines with modern Baumüller drive systems and user interfaces, thereby enabling a high degree of system availability and process reliability.

Reducing operating costs through the use of advanced automation technologies

In close cooperation with you, we will implement the entire project — from consulting and planning through to installation and commissioning of the new automation system. After inventory control and analysis of the installed drive technology, we will provide you with a detailed quote for your optimized drive systems.

Based on your requirements, we will carry out project planning and configure a drive system that is equipped with the latest Baumüller technology. In addition, we can also provide detailed training for your employees on the new system as part of the process, so that you can get the benefits of your modernized drives right from the outset.

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