Servo pump

Expertise for your machine with hydraulic drive

Baumüller supplies innovative and optimized drive solutions for all sectors through years of intensive cooperation with mechanical engineers. Due to the integrated control unit in the converter, Baumüller servo pumps can easily be connected to your machine control systems. In the process, they reduce the energy consumption of your drive system significantly and also allow for shorter cycle times, greater accuracy as well as lower noise development. See for yourself and rely on the flexibility and power of innovation of the experts from Baumüller.

Energy-Efficient and Dynamic

Baumüller's servo pump combines the advantages of hydraulic power transmission with the benefits of electric servo drive technology.

The control of the drive and the low energy consumption of the components, especially in the partial load range, results in a highly energy-efficient and yet economical solution that you can use in your machines as a decisive competitive advantage.

New servo pump features ensure significantly reduced service costs

Profitability consideration using the example of the injection molding machine

Annual electricity costs of a conventional hydraulic machine with 300 days of continuous operation and electricity costs of € 0.10 per kW/h:

  • 30 kW/h * 7200 h * 0,10 € = 21.600 €

Reduction of the energy consumption typically by 30%:

  • 21.600 € 0,3 = 6.480 €

» Amortization of initial costs after less than a year!

servopump-graph en 


  • Pump protection, pressureless circulation, parameter set for switching over
  • Overshoot-free pressure control through adaptation to variable control processes
  • Integrated observer regulation
  • Increased security features (SLS, SLP, SLI, etc.)

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Significant reduction of the energy consumption
  • Excellent control properties and repeatability
  • Minimal response time at high and low pressure
  • Noise reduction of up to 20 dB(A)
  • Integrated control in the converter; Compensation of hydraulic non-linearities
  • Servo control increases the degrees of freedom during the machine design
  • Significantly better degree of efficiency than controlled asynchronous motor with variable adjustment pum
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