Baumüller SmartValue

Intelligent drives become the data and sensor hub

As an extension of the classic drive tasks, the Baumüller drives offer intelligent software features, which open up completely new possibilities to the machine manufacturer and the user. The available process data are collected, preprocessed and forwarded in the drive. In addition, depending on their purpose, the available data can be added to by external sensors, e.g. the data of a transmission, in order to enable new use cases with added value. The information can be used for analysis purposes or integrated into the machine’s visualization as the status.

The mechanics and components are additionally protected in the drive by intelligent algorithms (smart protection) and processes and the quality of the product is optimized (smart optimization). These measures are dealt with independently of the control and directly in the drive, without additionally loading the field buses.

These data can also be made available via open interface standards, such as OPC UA, for flexible further processing in IoT applications. Depending on the relevant evaluation of the data, these can be processed directly in the drive or in the control, or in higher-level systems such as the computing capacity in the cloud or in an edge PC.

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