E-Drive System and Hybrid Drive System for Farm and Wheel Loaders

Electric farm and wheel loaders are a real alternative to diesel-powered vehicles. With their dynamic and powerful driving behavior, electric vehicles master the usual tasks with flying colors and they do this with operating durations of up to five hours, flexible charging options and minimum noise pollution. Lader web

In addition to the electric drive system, Baumüller also offers the option of integrating the diagnostic and remote maintenance tool BAUDIS IoT. In this way, necessary service measures can be predicted and operating times and loads can be optimally monitored and evaluated.



Schäffer e-loaders 23e and 24e with Baumüller drive concept

Baumüller in an interview with Sebastian Bertelsmeier, Head of Marketing at Schäffer

Proven technology for modern e-drive systems

E-drive system

E drive system

Hybrid drive system

hybrid drive system

Advantages of our drive solutions

E-drive system

Hybrid drive system

  • Lower operating costs
  • Also usable indoors
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lower emissions
  • Longer operation duration by using the range extender
  • Operation without existing e-charging infrastructure
  • Electric operation possible
  • Quick refueling

Advantages of the e-drive system from Baumüller


  • 1. Concept: One electric motor for the traction and for the hydraulics
  • 2. Operating costs: The electric vehicle has lower operating costs than the diesel vehicle
  • 3. Availability: Longer maintenance intervals of the drive system and the mechanical brake of the electric vehicle

 Usage behaviour

  • 1. Driving behaviour: Better driving dynamics, more precise maneuvering and optimal metering of hydraulics due to two separate electric drive systems
  • 2. Quick charging: Interim charging during breaks of 30 minutes up to 80% of the total charge – completely practical and possible at all times
  • 3. Eco function: Extended run time due to pre-programmed driving profiles and limited dynamics

 Possible applications

  • 1. Freedom from emissions: Use also possible in emission-sensitive urban areas as well as indoors, in tunnels, underground, etc.
  • 2. Field of applicaton: Up to 20 km/h without or up to 40 km/h with street approval
  • 3. Charging options: On-board charging system with Schuko® isolated ground receptacle or with an external quick charger


  • 1. Modularity: Modular system for small and large farm/wheel loaders, connection of different battery sizes, combination with a speed-variable range extender possible
  • 2. Degree of efficiency: High degree of efficiency of the electric drive with efficient electric motors, recuperation of brake energy and energy management system
  • 3. Installation space: Flexible integration thanks to the high power density of the electric drive system
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