b maXX servo controller family

Baumüller provides important advantages for its customers with its converters:  From cost savings to higher dynamics through to increased safety. Together, the converter series of the b maXX family covers a wide power range from 1 to 315 kW. The b maXX 5000 family includes units that can be mounted side-by-side as well as high-performance mono units. With optional safety packs, all devices in this series can be easily adapted to meet your individual safety needs.

In combination with the Baumüller servo motors you receive a drive package optimally matched to your application.

Ecodesign Directive

We comply with Ecodesign Directive (EU) 2019/1781 for converters: Our b maXX 1000, b maXX 3000, b maXX 4000 and b maXX 5000 families of converters have the required IE2 classification. The relevant data can be found in the respective operating instructions for the products under >> Downloads.

b maXX 5000 Side-by-side technology

b maXX 5000 - Power supply units


Power supply units
b maXX 5100 - Rectifier and regenerative feedback units


Rectifier and regenerative feedback units
b maXX 5300 - Single and double axis modules for high outputs


Single and double axis modules

b maXX 5000 Mono units

b maXX 5500 - Servo drives for high outputs up to 315 kW


Standard drives
b maXX 5600 - Peak load units


Peak load units
b maXX 5700 - Nominal load units


Nominal load units

Compact servo drives

b maXX 3300 - Servo-controller up to 5 kW


Servo-controller up to 5 kW

b maXX servo drives — uniquely dynamic and compact

When developing our servo converters, we take into consideration the future requirements of machines and plants. Our high-quality controllers are therefore flexibly expandable and can be easily converted to changing individual processes. This makes us a strong partner for you when it comes to full automation for many industry-specific requirements.

Baumüller’s b maXX drive concept is modular, scalable and open. The series of servo amplifiers and servo controllers was developed to fulfill present day and future requirements of automation worldwide. The drive controllers of the b maXX series are the basis of both simple and complex automation solutions.

In addition to state-of-the-art servo drive systems, Baumüller also has impressive complete automation solutions and fast service and personal advice on technical issues.

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Drive Intelligence by Baumüller

The Baumüller servo drives are available as controller models for simulation in the ProSimulation software. You use this data to design the optimal automation and drive components for your machine and test the settings, without risk, virtually – all possible from your desk, even without detailed simulation knowledge.

Baumüller offers innovative software tools for simulations such as MapleSim and MATLAB/Simulink as an engineering service for the digital twin. Modeling and simulation make it possible to design and simulate the optimal drive and automation components for various machines. The so-called digital twin already maps the expected machine behavior in the development stage, even though the machine is actually not (yet) available in reality.

With ProDrive, a tool is available which simplifies commissioning, parameterization and operation of all b maXX controllers through graphic user guidance — for the novice and for the professional. In particular, you can carry out the initial startup quickly due to the intuitive user guidance of ProDrive.

  • A single real-time ethernet network for simultaneous transmission of secure data, highly synchronous real-time motion data and asynchronous service data and standard ethernet protocols
  • Motors with power outputs up to 560 kW and various cooling options enable drive dimensioning tailored to the application, and thus optimal scalability

  • Link system of the servo axes in combination with grid rectifier/grid inverter for minimum control cabinet volume
  • Certified high-quality safety functions to EN ISO 13849 up to SIL3 or to EN 62061 up to PLe ensure the necessary machine safety and future-proofness as well as maximum productivity
  • Selection of the safe functions over EtherCAT FSOE or via local safe I/Os
  • Safe motor feedback systems up to SIL3 or PLe ensure continuity in the safety technology
  • Broad product portfolio of synchronous and asynchronous motors with high power/torque density and high efficiencies

  • Remote maintenance and diagnostics options thanks to EtherCAT- fieldbus and TCP/IP tunneling
  • Fast and easy assembly and dismantling of individual axis modules on intermediate circuit (link) bus thanks to Drive Connect System
  • Parameter storage integrated in the safety modules enables simple data handling in a service case, replacement of the module or the complete device, since the controller parameters are stored not only on the module but also in the controller
  • Targeted diagnostics options and control loop analyses using the fast Fourier transformation and real-time oscilloscope functions integrated in the ProDrive parametrization software
  • Possibility of compensating for an eccentric encoder attachment and thus a possible following error by using the addition of a sinus function with adjustable amplitude and phase
  • Excellent ease of service thanks to dataset upload/download by means of hot pluggable control terminal; laptop or software not required to replace the device

  • Short controller clock cycles enable, for example, optimal parameterization of the gain factors and thus highly dynamic positioning
  • A high field weakening range with simultaneously good control performance ensure optimal and economical drive dimensioning
  • An optimal torque - inertial mass ratio of the synchronous motors, the broad speed spectrum and the overload capability enable very high clock rates

  • In addition to the real-time capable EtherCAT fieldbus, the b maXX 5500 servo system with different bus systems such as CANopen, VARAN, Modbus, ProfiNet IRT, EtherNET/IP or Powerlink offers access to the bus systems of the automation
  • Software functions integrated in the drive, for example, the cam of gentle and controlled torque reduction after braking to zero speed make the drive intelligent and enable fast and economical creation of applications
  • The modular system of the motors with different shaft and encoder options as well as fine speed graduation

  • Highly synchronous positioning thanks to the real-time capable EtherCAT field bus
  • Oversampling in the encoder system evaluation for maximum positioning accuracies
  • Optimal open-loop control mode achieved by combination of injection, controlled and e.m.f. method ensure the correct rotational direction, a high torque from zero speed and good speed control
  • Excellent true-running quality with virtually cogging torque-free motors supported by very dynamic control

  • Functions such as transmission protection, adaptation of the controller parameters, error reactions or monitoring the thermal pump load via a temperature model are integrated and ensure lower service costs, shorter standstill times and lower system costs.

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Added value for our customers

Servoantrieb von BaumüllerWith its converters, Baumüller provides important advantages for its customers: from cost savings to higher dynamics through to increased safety. The servo drives of the b maXX 5000 family offer a power range from 1 kW to 100 kW in module systems and up to 315 kW as mono power output. With feed-in and regenerative systems, b maXX 5000 can be used as the most energy efficient drive system in its class worldwide. With its Connect Drive System, with which you can start up our drives efficiently and economically, it is the ideal expansion of o our product range. You achieve your goal extremely easily – the finest possible movement.

Thanks to the simple plugging in of the SAF modules, the user can respond to new safety requirements quickly and flexibly. With the scalable safety function variety of the modules, the b maXX 5000 ideally fulfills the guidelines of the EN ISO 13849 standard up to SIL 3.

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The safe servo controller, mountable side-by-side

Baumüller sets standards with its b maXX 5000 servo generation. The consistent enhancement of the successful b maXX series in the direction of module systems impresses with high-performance power units with air, water and cold plate cooling, flexible expansion capability and connection to an integrated communication concept. With Baumüller converters and controllers within the power range from 1 to 100 kW, both standardized and complex automation solutions are possible. The machine and plant requirements regarding future-proofness, flexible expandability and easy changeover to changing production processes were already taken into consideration during the development of the b maXX 5000.

b maXX 5000 has an integrated drive connect system: Individual modules can be simply removed and integrated, without having to under the complete drive system. The standard-setting control quality is ensued at all times.

Powerful mono units in seven sizes

The 5000 series inverters have been extended to mono units in the 5500 series. With the b maXX 5500, higher safety functions such as SLS (safely limited speed) and SLP (safely limited position) can be integrated into high performances.

Intelligence in the drive

The intelligent converters of the Baumüller b maXX 5000 product family with integrated softdrivePLC enable data analyses directly in the drive. In this way, logic operations cannot only be parameterized, but also be programmed. An example: If the control circuits vibrate due to resonant frequencies, this vibration can be minimized with the help of a more dynamic setting and productivity is increased. Vibrations in the mechanics can also be filtered out with the intelligent b maXX converters.

Numerous controller functions are integrated in the b maXX 5000 series, to make the system even more efficient and intelligent. Functions such as transmission protection, adaptation of the controller parameters, error reactions or monitoring the thermal pump load via a temperature model ensure lower service costs, shorter standstill times and lower system costs.

b maXX 5000/3000 – single cable solution for power and feedback systems

Less wiring work for compact and space-saving design

The single cable technology, with which Baumüller motors are equipped, not only saves the user the obligatory motor cable, but also the usually required feedback or an expensive, inflexible hybrid cable.

Unlike sensorless control, high-precision positioning is possible with single cable technology. The encoder data, rotor position, multi-turn information and the status of the thermal conditions in the motor are transmitted, fail-safe and reliably, via a purely digital interface. This results in significant cost savings, since it removes the need for plug-in connectors and cable at both the motor and the controller end. There is no need for cost-intensive, analog analyzer devices in the drive booster.

Diagnostics are also possible. The wiring is simplified significantly, which eliminates potential sources of error and also has a positive effect on the peripherals, as mobile cable handlers, cable glands and areas in

Machines and control cabinets reserved for the cables are significantly smaller.

The new technology supports an “electronic type plate”. This results in greater degrees of freedom on the motor side: The removal of a plug-in connection enables use of the new technology in even the smallest sizes.


Your benefits

  • Fast and easy commissioning. Wiring and commissioning are
  • simplified due to fewer cables and plugs
  • Reduced wiring costs
  • Thanks to the change to only one cable, costs are saved for additional plugs and cables
  • Efficient feedback control
  • Increased performance due to digital feedback
  • Reliable system
  • Data transmission not susceptible to faults
  • Supports electronic type plate

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