Engineering Framework ProMaster

One framework for all automation tasks

ProMaster: One framework for all automation tasks

Your requirements

The increasing complexity of machines and systems also increases the requirements on automation. Larger data volumes need to be processed. In addition to functional aspects and changing customer requirements, regional regulations such as the Machine Directive must be taken into account.

Innovative engineering tool software solution for drive design, parameterization, control programming, fieldbus parameterization and the visualization of the plastics machines

The requirements for flexibility, minimum complexity and simultaneous reduction of the engineering effort can only be handled with an integrated approach and systematic procedures. This is the basis for innovative solutions for modern automation tasks.

Engineering with ProMaster

Our solution

Innovative engineering as a framework systematically comprises all disciplines of an automation task: from the drive design to the parameterization, programming of controls and field bus parameterization all the way to the visualization. This applies over the entire lifecycle, during the planning and initial start-up as well as the maintenance.

Your benefit

Despite the growing complexity of machines and systems, an engineering framework makes it possible to develop the engineering more efficiently and to systematically reduce the cost. Defined interfaces, modular machine architectures and optional expansions result in more efficient and flexibly usable automation solutions. Having an engineering framework for all automation tasks makes the processes more efficient, enables faster system production, improves product quality and reduces error probability – increasing the productivity of the machine manufacturer as well as the operator.

Engineering with Baumüller ProMaster

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