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Baumüller servo presses combine the flexibility of hydraulic presses with the speed of mechanical presses.

Ever more demanding requirements are placed on today's machine designs. In addition to increased productivity, availability and greater energy efficiency, cost reductions must also be achieved at the same time. These targets are not achieved with the high-maintenance transmissions and inefficient standard motors of mechanical or hydraulic systems. However, by relying on a controllable servo press in place of conventional pressing processes, you can benefit from increased productivity and product quality with high flexibility.

Optimized control and precise dimensioning

Baumüller offers a user-friendly and innovative technology library at control level for the time-saving creation of optimum pressing profiles. Web-based visualization, for example, allows the user to create intuitive motion profiles for cam mechanisms and thus benefit from an optimal curve characteristic. Other features of the technology library include stepless adjustment of processing speed, the ability to stop smoothly at top dead center and automatically revert to the base position after a machine stop.

By using advanced simulation technology together with parameters for the pressing process supplied by you, we calculate the entire drive train down to the smallest detail, saving you costly oversizing of motors and servo drives.

Video about the Digital Twin

Application Engineer Michael Stiegler explains the advantages of simulations by the servo press:

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Low-maintenance, powerful direct drive technology

When using direct drive technology in presses, the motor is directly connected to the crankshaft. This not only enables precise metering of the forming energy, it also dispenses with cost-intensive wear parts such as the clutch unit. Maintenance costs are thus reduced to a minimum and the overall efficiency of your system increased enormously. Additionally, the high-torque motors of the DST-2 series which Baumüller uses achieve high maximum torque to provide the necessary power for the pressing process. Our water-cooled high-torque motors can easily handle processes up to approx. 3,000 t and are equally at home reshaping metal and plastics or pressing ceramics and tablets with consistently high product quality.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Flexible motion curves — maximum possible adaptation to the tool process
  • Manufacture more complex and demanding moldings
  • Omit follow-on processes thanks to the option to insert special functions into the tool (e.g. joining, horizontal thread cutting)
  • Tryout – break in tools gradually from slow to production speed
  • Production and tryout in the same machine (test machines no longer necessary)
  • Longer tool life
  • Reduced noise emissionsHigher output, resulting in lower unit costs
  • Improved efficiency and higher stroke rates compared to hydraulic presses
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