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This block can be used to implement recipe management on a PCC via the controller

Darstellung in FBD

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With the block it is possible to implement recipe management on the PCC via the controller. The block manages in the by the at the input "s_Path" path specified the recipe files in binary format. Recipes can be created, loaded, listed, overwritten and deleted.

Recommended Task: CYCLIC
Libraries used: MC_SYS_40bd09

Inputs / outputs

Name: Type: Description:
Data ANY Here you have to connect the data that you want to handle with this function block
_File_TMPL FILE_TMPL With this structure, the FB is connected to the FILE_TMPL structure connected to the file blocks, which can be found in the library "TECH_FB_STRUCTS".
a_RecipeList STRING_100_ARRAY All recipes are listed in this array


Name: Type: Description:
x_Enable BOOL A rising edge starts the execution of the function block.
s_Path STRING The path to the recipe directory on the PCC is specified here.
i_RecipeIndex INT Here the index of the recipe is specified in the array "a_RecipeList", which should be used for the action to be selected.
x_ListRecipes BOOL Lists the recipes specified in the "s_Path" directory and loads them into the "a_RecipeList" array.
x_LoadRecipe BOOL Loads the recipes specified with the "i_RecipeIndex" variable from the "a_RecipeList" list. The loaded data is then output to the "Data" structure of the external FB "BM_FR".
x_SaveRecipe BOOL Saves the recipe specified with the "i_RecipeIndex" variable. The data to be used are read from the "Data" structure of the FB "BM_FR".
x_DeleteRecipe BOOL Deletes the recipe specified with the "i_RecipeIndex" variable.


Name: Type: Description:
x_Done BOOL The action was accomplished successfully
x_Busy BOOL Indicates that the function block is being processed.
w_ErrorID WORD Error number of the function block:
» WORD#5000: Recipe index is larger than the recipe array
» WORD#9999: Recipe name is invalid or empty

For all other error numbers see help of the file blocks from "SYSTEM2_PCC03_40bd03"
x_Error BOOL Block error.