Darstellung in FBD

General Information

Specification of the basic mechanical parameters of an axis for use in the axis module.

The parameters specified in user units are checked, converted to the units required for Motion Control and stored in the _StdPar structure. They are then available for other AX modules.

Recommended Task: Cyclic
Libraries used: ARITHMETIC_xxbd00 or higher
TECH_TYPES_xxbd05 or higher

InOut Parameter

Marking: Data type: Description:
_StdPar StdParType Internal default parameters of the axis.

Input Parameter

Marking: Data type: Description:
x_Enable BOOL TRUE: Enabling of the module.
ud_Velocity UDINT Velocity in user units/s.
ud_Acceleration UDINT Acceleration in user units/s².
ud_Deceleration UDINT Deceleration in user units/s².
ud_Jerk UDINT Jerk in user units/s³.

Output Parameter

Marking: Data type: Description:
x_OK BOOL TRUE: Parameter calculated and accepted in _StdPar
i_Result INT Message number of the module. See table below.
i_Results Description:
0 No errors active.
100 Default parameters invalid. General parameters must be set with the TB_Init module before the module is used.
-111 Velocity is zero!
-112 Acceleration is zero!
-113 Deceleration is zero!
-114 Jerk is zero!
-999 No technology license. Use PLC with technology license.