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Environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to diesel

Hybrid and electric working machines are the most practical alternative to diesel-powered vehicles. Hybrid and electric vehicles offer excellent maneuverability and powerful working capacity, enabling them to perform their daily work tasks with long working hours, flexible charging options and low noise emissions.

With its wide range of services ranging from frequency converters and controllers to diagnostics and remote maintenance software, Baumüller offers future-proof hybrid and all-electric drive solutions for mobile work machines and commercial vehicles. Baumüller Equipment Technology designs and implements innovative drive concepts for mobile machines from a single source.

Traction systems – flexibly tailored to specific requirements

Baumüller's traction system portfolio includes two models: Depending on whether the construction site is able to meet the requirements for self-sufficiency of machinery and the required power consumption during operation, construction machines can be equipped with battery-driven systems or diesel-electric hybrid systems. Its high starting torque improves the user's driving comfort. Thanks to its ability to recover braking energy, it is extremely energy-efficient when operating.

Practical drive solutions are also available for stationary applications where almost no movement is required. Horizontal or vertical drilling rigs such as horizontal or vertical drilling rigs can be operated from construction electricity on site, where built-in high-voltage batteries meet peak load demands. Small generator sets ensure self-sufficient electricity consumption on the construction site.

Auxiliary drive equipment - servo hydraulics increase efficiency

In addition to traction systems, Baumüller also offers electrified auxiliary drives. These include e.g. electrically driven hydraulic pumps or electric auxiliaries for working hydraulic systems, so-called ePTO (electric Power Take Off). In addition to the advantages of low noise and emissions during driving and construction, these products offer many advantages.

Efficient and durable drive system

The installation space of its electric drive equipment is optimized and can be flexibly integrated into the construction machine structure. The electric decentralised auxiliary equipment delivers pressure and flow in a targeted manner through an efficient servo-hydraulic system and adjusts the pump output as required. Its high starting torque improves the user's driving comfort. Thanks to its ability to recover braking energy, it is extremely energy-efficient when operating. Especially for mobile machinery, this is an efficient and durable drive system.

Drive systems for hybrid and all-electric construction machines

Baumüller customers benefit in the following ways:

  • Experience: A large number of projects that have been successfully implemented
  • Future-oriented: Efficient, high-performance hybrid and all-electric drives
  • Professional ability: system integrator with self-operated brand electric vehicles
  • Customized range of services: from engineering to service, according to specific requirements
  • Experts in the electric vehicle industry: from drive design to product launch
  • Comprehensive flexibility: Has a network of suppliers and the ability to adapt standard products
  • Manufacturer independence: System solutions can be supplied with Baumüller independent drive technology or in combination with products from other manufacturers
  • Global service

Baumüller is your reliable partner in the field of hybrid and fully electric vehicles.

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Proven technology in the field of modern electric systems

Compared to machines with conventional hydraulic drive technology, hybrid and all-electric construction machines offer great advantages in high energy efficiency, low operating costs and low maintenance costs. In addition, fluids are rarely used. No oil, no cooling water, and no diesel fuel for all-electric machinery. Smoother, more refined driving characteristics while reducing environmental impact. This is a clear advantage of modern electric systems.

Fully electric and emission-free: construction machines with battery-powered technology

Quiet and completely free of fine dust, this is the main advantage of purely electric or battery-powered motors for construction machinery. In addition, the motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery, completely eliminating the diesel engine.

of a structure for a purely electric drivetrain

Example of a structure for a purely electric drivetrain

Advantages of all-electric technology (all-electric system).

  • High energy efficiency – lower energy consumption than conventional solutions
  • Practical – thanks to fast charging design and advanced battery technology
  • Low noise - the engine has almost no sound, which is quieter than a diesel engine
  • No emissions – noCO2 emissions
  • Driving pleasure - acceleration to 100 km/h takes only a few seconds

Economical and powerful: diesel-electric drives

If you want to equip your construction machinery with the latest technology in an economical and environmentally friendly way, diesel-electric hybrid drive technology is the absolute choice in addition to all-electric solutions.

of the structure of a diesel-electric drivetrain

Example of the structure of a diesel-electric drivetrain

Advantages of hybrid technology (diesel/hydraulic combined electric hybrid technology).

  • Optimised drive solutions – up to 30% fuel savings while reducing noise
  • Efficiency – Efficiency has increased dramatically
  • Automatic energy recovery system – The battery recharges itself through the recovery system
  • Fast charging – independent of charging stations
  • Long-distance driving - thanks to the internal combustion engine, it is possible to drive long distances

Charging systems for hybrid and all-electric construction machines

Charging system

Along with the electrification of construction machinery, there is also a need for high-performance charging infrastructure. Baumüller fills the gap from the drive system to the charging station and offers complete charging technology for fast charging systems.

We offer you tailor-made support services that include pure charging technology or charging and drive technology to fill gaps in your order business.

Baumüller 客户在以下方面受惠:

  • 我们提供全方位服务,范围从变频器覆盖至能源管理系统,乃至电池管理系统
  • 专业能力:高质量且可靠的充电桩用产品
  • 稳定的工程水平
  • 快速且以客户为导向的决策路径:作为创新而又兼顾传统的成功家族企业,凭借自身经验和优势活跃于全球市场
  • 全球服务

TADUS 拖拉机驱动解决方案:从主体到电力设计周密的行走式作业机械


TADUS 科技公司与 Baumüller共同开发了从主体到电力设计周密的 TADUS 拖拉机,这是一款完美适用于建筑、林业和市政服务等领域的行走式作业机械。由于这款商用车辆采用通用车架结构,例如:轮式装载机或反铲装载机,既可以野外作业,也可以上路使用,还可以加装在如道路清扫机之类的车辆上。拖拉机在此类车辆中也体现出了巨大优势。


Baumüller 的全电动和混动驱动解决方案也非常适合用于钻探设备、钻探仪和钻机。钻探驱动设备可分为卧式和立式以及两个方向上的组合式钻探线。

max wild


Baumüller 开发的驱动技术为 Max Wild 电动钻探设备的成功立下了汗马功劳。由于这类机械摒弃了有害环境的液压油,因此还适用于自然保护区或水资源保护区等生态敏感区。 钻机滑架在 Baumüller 电动机和 b maXX 变频器的完美协作下得以不断推进,为钻杆提供源源不断的动力。Baumüller 的一站式驱动解决方案将环保与高效完美地融合在一起。 此钻探设备的标称牵引力为 250 吨,在长达两公里的钻凿距离内,可产生高达 450 吨的瞬时峰值牵引力。

tum boring采用 Baumüller 的驱动技术:慕尼黑工业大学团队在最强盾构机国际大赛上一举夺得桂冠

盾构机采用 Pipe-Jacking 或称顶管掘进方式进行工作,目前的常规盾构机均采用这种工作方式。该团队选用了 Baumüller 公司 DSC 系列中的 45 号水冷同步电机作为钻头的驱动设备。






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