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We are a leading manufacturer of electrical drive and
automation systems.

Assembly and Relocation of Machinery and Plant Equipment

Welcome to the Baumüller Group

Leading manufacturer of
electric automation
and drive systems

Our automation and drive systems ensure maximum efficiency – whether through highly dynamic and precise servo technology in mechanical engineering or in energy-efficient mobility solutions for the future. The key to success lies in the efficiency of the overall system. From the drive to the software, we optimize systems in an integrated way and match them perfectly to your application. The result: high economic efficiency, even with complex applications.

We support our customers throughout the entire life cycle – from engineering to commissioning to the predictive maintenance of their machines and systems.

Baumüller Services

Baumueller-Nuermont Corp expertise in repairing and servicing Baumüller motors and drives carries over to the repair of Non – Baumüller components. Our service and repair technicians are able to diagnose and repair a wide range of drives and motors based on years of experience and test equipment provided in our repair centers.
Our expertise provides the high quality of factory trained repair centers, without the high expense because Baumueller-Nuermont operates as an independent company.

Contact our Service and Repair department on how we can work with you on all your motor and drive repair needs.


Baumueller-Nuermont Corp performs machinery installations, machinery dismantlement, and relocation of equipment across town and throughout the world. Our staff of Project Managers, Field Supervisors, Riggers, Millwrights, Mechanical Installers, and Electricians are a mix of European and American craftsman led by German Trained Supervisors that understand German Quality and Standards, European and American Machinery, can work in Imperial and Metric standards, and gain efficiencies from both cultures.

Baumueller-Nuermont Corp’s standard procedures ensure that your equipment is handled professionally and installed safely each and every time.

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