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Green in Motion – Produce sustainably

Baumüller develops solutions for sustainable drive technology as part of the Green in Motion initiative. With the help of our products, services and systems, production processes and mobility concepts can reduce their ecological footprint and their energy and resource consumption long-term. As the manufacturer of drive technology and automation, we are enablers for sustainable industrial production processes and for the mobility of tomorrow.

To ensure this, as a company we concentrate on the following core areas:

green in motion

#Reduce energy consumption | #Lower resource consumption | #Enable circular economy | #Enable the energy and mobility turnaround

Reduce energy consumption

In the manufacturing industry there are numerous possibilities for lowering energy consumption of the individual components as well as complete production lines. Significant potential savings can be achieved here throughout the whole life cycle – from the choice and dimensioning of the drive system to optimization of the production processes through energy monitoring and process optimization.

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Lower resource consumption

Lower resource consumption<Dealing with our planet’s resources in a sustainable way is one of the central challenges for the future. With our solutions, material consumption can be reduced significantly. This is achieved, for example, by using recycled raw materials, new production processes and by ensuring process stability to reduce rejects. In addition, with our life cycle management we enable long-term availability – the product life cycle is maxed out.

Enable circular economy

The objective of the Circular economy is not to dispose of the materials used as waste at the end of the useful life, but to use intelligent processes to reuse them as high-quality materials. That saves energy and uses resources carefully and thus reduces the impact on the environment. Baumüller supports this approach by equipping machines and systems in different process steps of the recycling industry. At the same time, we offer numerous services to increase the service life of machines and systems and to use existing systems for as long as possible – for example, through predictive maintenance.

Enable the energy and mobility turnaround

e-mobilitySustainable energy generation and provision and electromobility are a central element of the reduction of greenhouse gases. Our drive technology is used in hybrid and fully-electric vehicles and ships worldwide and thus ensures the reduction of CO2 emissions now and in the future. Our solutions make sustainable mobility concepts possible – from the drive to the charging infrastructure.


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