Thanks to our consistent focus on efficiency and compact design, our servo drives are ideally suited to applications in material handling and robotics. For special tasks in plastics, printing, textile and packaging machines, our motor series always deliver precisely the required performance — no more and no less.

Baumüller offers the optimal drive for any application for machine construction. With one of the widest range of motors on the market, Baumüller also offers, among other things, efficient and scalable servomotors in numerous versions and sizes. The servomotors are currently available in up to seven sizes between 28 and 132 depending on the size reach outputs of 0.3 kW to 108 kW. The torque spectrum starts with two Nm and reaches up to 1050 Nm.

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The internally toothed shaft is another innovation for the servomotors of series DSC, DSP and DSD2. The interface variants do not require any other costly transmission elements, such as couplings or pump supports. In this way you save costs and optimize the installation space.

In combination with our servo drives the servomotors form an efficient and future-proof drive for your machine.

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Double power with the same dimensions, thanks to water-cooling

Double power with the same dimensions, thanks to water-coolingThe servo motors portfolio from Baumüller are expanded by the water-cooled model sizes 45 and 56. The housing is here is identical in construction to an uncooled variant and combines the advantages of maximum cooling with minimum dimensions. Another advantage of the heat dissipation through the cooling medium water is the space-saving design. In this way the motors can also be placed next to each other in a narrow installation, without heating each other up. This is ideal for example, textile machines, plastic machines as well as forming and bending machines. ,Baumüller rounds off its series with the water-cooling of the servomotors in the sizes 45 and 56  and as a result is the only manufacturer that also offers servomotors in smaller sizes with all types of cooling.

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Servo motors for plastic and rubber applications

Servomotoren für Kunststoff- und Gummianwendungen

The Baumüller servo motors were optimized even further for plastic and rubber applications as well as for printing, forming and textile machines through speed increases and performance enhancements and are ideally suited for the most demanding applications in machine construction. The robust and compact motors are also largely maintenance-free, which is another plus for economical operation.

New ejector drive for plastic machines

Baumüller offers a compact and high-speed drive with a new version of its three-phase current synchronous motor DSC1. The DSC1-135 was designed in particular with the plastics industry in mind and designed here as an ejector drive. That is why in addition to a compact type of construction and a high level of dynamics the motor has a special mounting to compensate for axial process forces. In addition, plastics machine manufacturers benefit from a special mechanic interface for spindle connection and from the high overload capability of the motor.

The most modern drive technology for packaging machines

Modernste Antriebstechnik für VerpackungsmaschinenHighly dynamic synchronous servomotors from Baumüller ensure an increased productivity in the manufacture of bottom seam bags, such as carrying or packing bags.

For plastic machines for the manufacture of bottom seal bags the machine consists of four modules: Film feed, welding, cutting and stapling, as well as gripping. All processes require a highly precise and quick application, which can be realized by Baumüller with high-performance servo drive technology and permanently excited synchronous motors. The electrical servomotor DSD2, for example, ensures this. The motors of series DSD2 are optimally suited for highly dynamic applications with the maximum requirements for acceleration capacity and the best start-stop qualities.

Highly efficient motor technology for textile machines

Hocheffizienter Motorentechnik für Textilmaschinen

Textile machines carry out highly dynamic movements with high effective torque. Servomotors are heavily strained by this and must be well cooled afterwards. Water-cooling ensures the proper temperature. It enables the use of a relatively small motor with high nominal output. This means better mechanical properties, lower costs and higher efficiency for the machine builder. Another advantage is the space-saving installation.

The permanent-magnet synchronous motor DSD2 with protection class IP65 is almost free of cogging torque, offers the best stop-start qualities and very good concentricity properties – ideal for textile machines. In addition, the smooth housing surface is not susceptible to accumulating dirt.


Quick and precise for printing machinesSchnell und Präzise für Druckmaschinen

Label printing machines impress both in speed and in regards to flexibility. The high-precision Baumüller servomotors DSH1 with single-cable solution are decisive in this.

Even at high speed, the printed image always remains in the register, which ensures a high-resolution printing result. This is made possible by the use of high-precision DSH1 servomotor. With its extremely low cogging torque, the motor allows for an optimal synchronous operation so that completely streak-free printing and thus maximum printing quality is achieved.

Servomotors for mobile work machines

The compact water-cooled servomotors of type DSP1 and DSD2 with protection class IP65 impress with their high power density and a wide speed range and thus enable their use even in extreme temperatures – ideal for mobile machines, such as wheel loaders or construction vehicles.

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