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IoT data exchange: Baumüller control units with OPC UA server

Baumüller opts for OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) as an interface for the transmission of data between different nodes, e.g. visualization or edge controllers, etc. and to this end, has developed a new software tool for communication via the control technology through to the drive level: ProDataX.

ProDataX: Baumüller control units with OPC UA server

IoT data exchange with ProDataX

OPC UA serves as a common data exchange standard for secure, reliable, manufacturer and platform-independent communication in IoT, M2M and industry 4.0 environments. The requirement for communication between the components of different manufacturers via OPC UA to work is that each device involved in the communication must meet the current specifications of the OPC Foundation.

Baumüller has now implemented the three most important parts of the extensive catalog of OPC UA Foundation specifications for its applications:

  • DA (Data Access) for access to machine data and parameters
  • Security via certificates, to ensure that only authorized nodes have access to the OPC UA server
  • With OPC UA methods, the oscilloscope function of the Baumüller devices can also be used for other suppliers, for example

Baumüller control units with OPC UA server

The basic idea of OPC UA is that all hardware manufacturers involved in a system provide an OPC UA server for their components connected to the communication. Baumüller offers the ProDataX software tool for this purpose.

ProDataX provides an OPC UA server interface that can run not only on the Baumüller control hardware but also on standard PCs with the Windows operating system. ProDataX can be configured using the Baumüller programming/operating tools, ProMaster and ProDrive, and among other things, enables the provision of machine data in its own and external systems. If the user also wants to write data in the machine, this is available as an option. To do this, tailored or coordinated security solutions should be provided in the existing IT infrastructure.


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