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Template for 3-axis applications: 3-AxisFlex

template 3-Axis-Flex3-axis applications for different industries can be automated quickly and conveniently with the Baumüller software template. All basic functions are already integrated into the “3-AxisFlex” package and the application only needs to be adapted to the respective use case. The software therefore provides the basis for plasma, water jet or laser cutting machines or for handling systems and robots for surface treatment, to name just a few.

Template applications

The template contains the software for the basic functions of typical 3-axis applications

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The advantage: Complete template instead of individual librarie

Many automation providers merely deliver the individual libraries for the respective software project. The 3-AxisFlex template on the other hand contains all basic movement control functions as the basis for multi-axis applications. It includes the blocks of the Motion Control, Coordinated Motion and Advanced Motion libraries. In addition to the necessary libraries, for example, it also includes the template for the machine visualization and other functionalities.

The package contains a customizable PLC and HMI template, i.e. users can add their own functions and even develop the template further according to their own needs. Functions in the PLC template are logically linked to each other so that the movement sequences function optimally.

Motion libraries and templates for visualization

Automatic operation example

Many functions such as manual operation, automatic mode, fault management and user management are stored in the template, which simplify the programming and parameterizing significantly for users without having to delve deep into the software. Moreover, the user can fall back on user-friendly visualization and use the wizard-guided installation package.

axis-flex ready to use

80 percent of the work has already been done: In the “3 - AxisFlex” package, all basic functions are already integrated and the application only needs to be adapted to the respective case


Basic functions

  • Automatic mode – The travel profile is read in as machine code (G-code) by a G-code interpreter, processed and displayed accordingly during operation.
  • Manual mode / Jog mode – The individual motors can also be run in manual mode, for example, for material or format change.
  • Settings – General parameters such as machine dynamics, kinematics, etc. can be parameterized depending on the machine
  • Language changer – The operator can set the user interface to their user language and add other languages.
  • User management – There are several user levels, with different operating rights for access to the machine’s functions and settings
  • Service / Diagnostics – Functions for monitoring the control state of digital inputs/outputs, general system information, as well as graphic monitoring for recording self-determined values are integrated for diagnostics.
  • Alarm handling – machine faults are collected and displayed. These can be acknowledged via the visualization after they have been eliminated.
  • Virtual axes – Programming and testing without physically existent converters and motors

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