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Engineering tools: the fast lane to application

As the complexity of machines and plants increases, so do the demands on automation software too. To minimize the engineering work Baumüller provides user-friendly and flexible tools in every phase of the process. This allows you to concentrate on your actual task and achieve your goal faster.

lifecycle management

Baumüller offers the right tools for every stage of the engineering process. Only with an integrated approach can state-of-the-art automation tasks be solved with minimum resources.

Your challenges

  • Increasing complexity of software projects
  • Increasing amount of data in the process
  • Greater variety of versions
  • Market demanding increasingly short leaps in innovation
  • Cost pressure due to international competition
  • Shortage of specialists in engineering
  • Increasing software costs (initially and with the use of modern digitalization solutions)

As a machine manufacturer, you are faced with the challenge of further developing your machines at ever shorter intervals while keeping your use of resources as constant as possible.

Our expertise

  • Comprehensive engineering framework for the selection and dimensioning of drives and for PLC programming
  • Simulation services and software tools
  • Parameterizing tool for commissioning of the converters and controllers
  • Services and tools for data analysis and for linking IoT solutions