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Marine Solutions - innovative electrification solutions from Baumüller

marine drive solutions

Baumüller has developed its products and systems for the marine industry over many years and is now one of the leading suppliers of state-of-the-art ship propulsion systems and marine solutions. With a wide range of products and services, from the motor to the converter and control unit through to charging systems, diagnostic software and links to battery management systems and fuel cells Baumüller has a broad-based position in smart shipping. The marine portfolio is complemented by diverse new products such as the BAS-PCS power management system and the BAS-Link DC-Grid energy distribution platform in which clear efficiency advantages take effect.  Baumüller also displays its engineering know-how in its charging infrastructure offer with precise-fitting system architecture.  

All marine solutions are not only offered as initial equipment but also as a retrofit. Extensive services for maximum running times and smooth operation round off the marine portfolio.

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Baumüller has the necessary technology and experience to equip inland vessels, yachts, work boats, offshore vessels, and ferries with electric drive technology or to implement complete concepts for ship propulsion.

Precisely tailored to our customers – from the electric motor to the complete propulsion system

marine drive solution
  • Dimensioning
  • Simulation
  • Commissioning
  • High-torque motors
  • System inverters
  • Batteries and fuel cells
  • Control technology
  • Control cabinets
  • Visualization
  • Power management system
  • Remote maintenance

Baumüller offers just the customized service you require – from individual motors and components to comprehensive drive systems with self-regulating energy and battery management. We give you exactly the support you need and work with you to close the gap you need for an order. Baumüller is a partner for shipyards, system integrators and ship owners, as well as being an independent supplier of complete systems.

Flexible projects from motors to complete systems

Flexible projects
from motors to complete systems

Technology concepts from hybrid to fully electric

Technology concepts
from hybrid to fully electric

Turnkey partnership for complete drive systems

Turnkey partnership
for complete drive systems

Lifecycle management for system optimization

Lifecycle management
for system optimization

You benefit from both our expertise in industrial drive technology and from our experience with drive systems for the shipbuilding sector and a complete range of mobile drive technology.

Our technology and experience for the following ship types:

  • Inland vessels
  • Yachts
  • Work boats
  • Ferries
  • Offshore vessels
  • Crew transfer vessel (CTV)
  • Passenger and pilot boats
  • Rescue and patrol boats
  • Tugboats
  • Dredgers
  • Trawlers and fishing boats

Operator advice for concept development, bid specifications and funding

WWe enter into discussions with you and your partners without preconceived technology and guide you safely through the complex decision-making process. Apart from the right propulsion technology and type of fuel, we also provide help and information for budget planning and financing and find a suitable funding program for you. Together we produce bidding packages for submission and implement the acquired project reliably.

Your advantages:

  • Production-ready design and development from the prototype to the preseries — all from a single source
  • Reduction of your time-to-market through our know-how
  • High energy efficiency and power density of electric motors with low noise emissions
  • Increased competitiveness by combining new motor concepts with innovative production technology

The flexible e-drive system as a modular solution

icon engineeringSystem engineering and commissioning of prototypes

Implementation of the individual drive concept based on the system module, from the concept to realization

icon controlControl system with intelligent power management system

The BAS-PCS intelligent power management system is based on components with marine approval and can be flexibly extended

icon motorDrives for propulsion, thrusters, generators

  • Electric motors with high performance and efficiency
  • Air and water-cooled
  • From the direct drive to PTI/PTO through to the Z-drive

icon dc-ac4-quadrant converters for marine use

  • Air and water-cooled
  • Nominal voltage 400/690 V AC; up to 1200 V DC
  • Variable use as AFE, motor or M-Grid converter

icon batteryBatteries

  • Use of different battery types depending on the load profile requirement
  • Interface with the battery management systems of established battery manufacturers

icon dc-dcDC/DC converter

  • Mobile converter for linking HV batteries to the DC link
  • Air and water-cooled

icon energy distributionEnergy distribution platform

BAS-Link DC-Grid energy distribution can be either centralized or decentralized.

icon energy managementCharging systems

  • Innovative fast charging infrastructure
  • Shore power for ships

icon worldwideWorldwide service

We ensure the reliability of your marine system throughout its entire life cycle with our wide range of maintenance, servicing, and retrofit offers.

All system modules are available for CE boats or ships with class approval.

Manufacturer-independent drive systems from a single source

marine high torque motor

Certified products and services for all ship propulsion needs

Baumüller has adapted its products accordingly and had them certified specially for shipbuilding. For example, the DST2 high-torque motors are prepared for easy integration into the ship design. In addition, Lloyd‘s Register has confirmed that the high-torque engines meet the specific requirements of shipping. The DST2 motors are available with power ratings from 2 to 875 kW and nominal speeds between 50 and 1500 rpm. In addition, Baumüller offers motors with an output of up to 6 MW for specific projects.

marine high torque motor

Among other things, the powerful and dynamic three-phase synchronous motors of the DS2 series with a power of up to 300 kW are used for the rudder-propeller drive. In addition, components of renowned manufacturers such as Danfoss, Omron, Phönix are used in the projects.

You are interested?
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ship components overview

Fuel cells

component fuel cells

Battery and control room

component battery room

Main drives

component main drives

Control technology

component controls

Control cabinets

component cabinets


component converters

System engineering

component engineering

Visualization and software

component software

Remote servicing

component remote service

Ship propulsion with Baumüller motors: Your sure path to increased efficiency

Switch to a hybrid or electric drive and reduce your diesel consumption by up to 25%.

A motor achieves optimum performance at a certain speed. Any deviation from this speed reduces efficiency, often by a double-digit percentage. This unnecessarily increases fuel consumption. An electric or hybrid drive uses the power differently, with the motor always running at the optimum number of revolutions no matter what. For this reason, ship propulsion with Baumüller motors is the sure path to increased efficiency for ships.

Diesel-electric drive

Diesel-electric drive: Greater efficiency through electrical operation with diesel generators

With a diesel-electric hybrid drive, the ship’s propellers are powered electrically by converter-fed synchronous motors which receive their energy from diesel generators. Many benefits make the combination of diesel engine and electric motor particularly attractive for the shipping industry. Along with a significant reduction in fuel consumption in moving bodies of water of up to 28%, the system also reduces noise and vibrations.

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Hybrid drive system

Ecological and fuel-efficient:
Hybrid drive system

According to the principle of the hybrid drive system, diesel or methanol generators are cleverly combined with electric motors for maximum efficiency. Unlike drives, the generators are not exposed to power peaks and are thus always operated at optimum efficiency. This means that the generators can be smaller from the start. The combination of generators and electric motors allows operators to save a considerable amount of fuel. Because less fuel has to be burned, the system emits fewer pollutants.

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Fully electric and emission-free

Fully electric and emission-free:
E-ships with battery-powered drive

Quiet and completely free of fine particulates: These are the main advantages of a fully electric or battery-run e-motor for ships and boats. The motors are run completely with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, without any diesel engines. The advantages of the battery-powered ship solution from Baumüller lie, on the one hand, in the intelligent overall concept based on the company’s many years of experience in the ship propulsion sector and, on the other hand, in the highly efficient synchronous motors. The drive system thereby achieves a degree of efficiency of over 95%.

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Alternativer Schiffsantrieb mit Wasserstoff

Hydrogen ship drive –
emission-free opportunity for the future

As specialists and pioneers in the field of alternative ship propulsion, we naturally also keep an eye on developments relating to hydrogen. This field opens up numerous opportunities for the future. Ships with fixed routes between certain destinations are particularly suitable for this alternative. It is even conceivable that ferry and offshore supply operations could be realized with hydrogen-powered ship drives in the near future. Efficient and emission-free drive technology will then also be usable with our Baumüller drive systems in the future. We keep a steady pace with the times.

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header marine charging

Charging systems for hybrid and fully electric ships

The electrification of ships creates a demand for high-performance charging infrastructure.

Baumüller closes the gap from the drive system to the charging station and offers the full range of charging technology for both rapid charging systems and shore power.

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Marine-Service für Schiffsantriebe

Our Marine Service:
On-site and remote services

We maintain cooperative partnerships worldwide that enable us to provide a comprehensive Marine Service that is available to you at all times. Repairs and maintenance can also be carried out by our mobile service teams, which can reach you in the shortest possible time. We also provide appropriate training for your own personnel and remote guidance through our remote guidance tool. Inspection, maintenance, repairs, diagnostics, and transport logistics including automated spare parts ordering via our cloud: At Baumüller, you get everything quickly, expertly, and reliably from a single source.

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Over 80 ships and boats successfully electrified

We are experts for the complete propulsion system: From the control unit to the power management. To date we have implemented, for example, hybrid cargo boats for inland waterways and coastal deployment, hybrid work boats and hybrid and electric ferries. Regardless of whether initial equipment or engine replacement – our ship propulsions have an impressively low environmental impact, improved maneuverability and space-saving installation compared to classic diesel engines.


Use our know-how for your ship propulsion

Fully electric: eD-TEC speed boat

Fully electric: eD-TEC speed boat

Year of manufacture 2022 | Length 9 m | Width 2.50 m | Maximum speed 40 kn | Drives: 2x 200 kW, controllers: b maXX mobil | Battery capacity: 98 kWh

Fully electric: Ceresio

Fully electric: Ceresio

Year of manufacture 2021 | Length 31.35 m | Width 6.28 m | Drives: 2x DST2-260 electric motor 180 kW | Battery capacity: 840 kWh, charging station: 1.6 MW charger

Fully electric: Missunde III

Fully electric: Missunde III

Year of manufacture 2023 |
Length 34 m | Width 9 m | Drive: DST2 electric motor | Battery and solar support

Diesel-electric: MS Aquadelta

Diesel-electric: MS Aquadelta

Year of manufacture 2022 | Length 48 m | Width 12 m | Water injection dredger with diesel-electric drive system | 5x diesel generators, 2x rudder propellers 450 kW

Hybrid: Ferry Farge

Hybrid: Ferry Farge

Year of manufacture 2017 | Length 59 m | Width 14 m | Max. speed: 14 km/h | Capacity: 32-34 passenger cars, 6 semis, up to 249 people | Drives: 4x DS2 main motors 200 kW each

Fully electric: Qi-Fu No.1

Fully electric: Qi-Fu No.1

Year of manufacture 2017 | Length 25 m | Width 6.5 m | Capacity: up to 150 persons, 46 bicycles | Motors: 2x 2 powerMELA® systems, each with 150 KW

Hybrid: Ærøxpressen

Hybrid: Ærøxpressen

Year of manufacture 2019 | Length 49.36 m | Width 12.50 m | Draft 1.92 m | Drives: 2x Scania DI16 8-cylinder diesel motors, 2x drive units 450 kW

Diesel-electric: Trischen

Diesel-electric: Trischen

Year of manufacture 2019 |
Length 22 m | Width 7.5 m | Work ship | Diesel-electric drive system | 2x drive units DST2 225 kW

Diesel-electric: MS Emmerich

Diesel-electric: MS Emmerich

Year of manufacture 2020 | Length 38 m | Width 8.0 m | WSA work ship | Diesel-electric drive system | 2x diesel Scania, 2x drive units DST2 225 kW

Diesel-electric: Opal

Diesel-electric: Opal

Year of manufacture 2015 |
Motors: 2x DST2-315YO, 144 kW | Battery capacity: 460.8 kWh | 2 generators 1x 150 kW, 1x 130 kW

Hybrid: Roro Terra 2

Hybrid: Roro Terra 2

Year of manufacture 2014 | Length 135 m | Width 11.45 m | Draft 4.30 m | Tonnage 1090 t | Motors: 2x Caterpillar type C18, Hybrid Baumüller DST2-400 2x 285 kW

Diesel-electric: Spido Marco Polo

Diesel-electric: Spido Marco Polo

Year of manufacture 1995 |
Refit 2017 | Motors: 2x DS2-200KO generator 2x 75 kW

We work with you as a partner from the requirement specification to the prototype to series production

Baumüller is the worldwide leader in the development of electrical drive systems. Through our diverse product program in the field of motors we have extensive production expertise. We are thus your partner for production-ready design and optimization of your motor for lot sizes between 10 and over 1000 motors per year. As a non-group-affiliated, mid-sized company, we are able to respond to the wishes of your customers quickly and efficiently with innovative drive solutions. This makes us the perfect partner for challenging projects and future technologies.

Our know-how from industrial motor building is rounded off with experience in mobile drives and their particular requirements. For example, the impacts caused by exposure to temperature, dust and moisture are taken into account by special cooling options and suitable sealing measures.

We accompany you along your way into the electric future.

partner from the requirement specification to the prototype to series production 

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