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Spooling machine

A spooling machine has the task to wind and unwind threads. This step is done after spinning the thread. In a technical sense, the focus here is on high speed, meaning the automation concept must have the best start-stop qualities and excellent smooth-running characteristics. Among other things disc motors are ideally suited for spooling machines. They are mainly characterized by their especially space saving, flat type of construction. In the shortest type of construction only 36.5 millimeter installation space is required in the axial direction. Wherever installation space is very limited, Baumüller offers a wide range of disc motors in the power range from 0.016 to 6.3 kW.

  textile 08 spulenmaschine

Linear motors are also perfectly suited for spooling machines due to their unique synchronous operation quality. The iron-free linear motors LSC from Baumüller achieve maximum current and power increase speeds and are therefore best suited for highly dynamic applications in the textile industry.

Advantages for your machine concept

Improved design

  • Space saving, flat construction
  • Very low noise level
  • Unique synchronous operation quality
  • Maximum current and force increase speeds
  • Almost no cogging torque

Optimized operation

  • Low service costs
  • Higher performance with small construction volume and therefore low heat development
  • High dynamics due to high overload capability
  • For small and average power up to 6300 W
  • High degree of protection IP 64

Your benefits

  • Cost advantages through increased power density
  • Maximum level of precision and dynamics
  • Increased productivity
  • Outstanding synchronous operation properties

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