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Combing and stretching machines

The textile chain begins with the production of yarns. Combing and stretching machines belong to the spinning preparatory machines and have the task to form the fibers into yarn. With the aid of the drafting geometry the fibers are combined and thus untangled. They are used to warp the combing sliver with regulating lines after the combing machine. The upper roller ensures a careful belt deflection on the delivery side of the drafting, while the adjustable pressure rod in the main draft zone offers controlled guidance.

When adjusting the draft zone widths, the upper roller is guided in the bearing blocks of the lower roller. This procedures – in connection with high precision mechanics – enables a very good axle parallelism for optimum fiber guidance. As soon as the windings are finished the machine stops. The laps are separated at a defined point on all comb heads and the waste is removed by a separate exhaust. Now the empty sleeves are transferred to the winding carriage and the complete winding is taken over by this carriage. After the subsequent preparation of the winding end, its exact positioning at the end of the outlet end cotton is done and the combing machine starts up again. Then the fibers can be spun into a thread.

Advantages for your machine concept

Energy efficiency and profitability

  • High degree of efficiency in the typical speed range for these applications
  • Increase of power density based on an optimized temperature behavior for these applications
  • Optimum material utilization of the valuable raw material cotton

Product and process quality

  • Very high running quality due to field-oriented regulation and almost cogging torque-free servomotors
  • Possibility of cogging torque compensation through feedforward of the instantaneous current depending depending on the electrical and mechanical angles

Your benefits

  • Higher process speed with improved precision for a uniform thread thickness
  • Influence on quality for other processes

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