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Since resources are getting scarce, gaining renewable energies has become one of the greatest challenges of our time. Baumüller provides efficient solutions for wind and hydropower systems up to a medium output range.

The area of hydropower often shows strong fluctuations in terms of its effectiveness. The reason are the inherently strong variations in the water flow while the rotational speed of the turbines stay rigid. This means that systems with conventional generators often can’t run in their optimal range of efficiency, since their rotational speed is adjusted to the turbine’s best operating point for the nominal water flow.

Baumüller solves this problem by using direct drives with converters that are independent of the rotational speed, offering highly economic designs for small hydropower systems up to 300kW. Our high-pole, high-torque synchronous generators have extremely high degrees of efficiency even in partial load operations. Modern controls and the converter technology ensure the generator’s optimal adjustment in terms of rotational speed and load to the turbine characteristics and available water quantity.

For wind energy systems up to 200kW, we also offer generators that are adjusted specifically for variable operational loads. Permanent magnet torque generators enable the highest possible efficiency across the entire operating range. Thanks to the low rotational speed, the noise emissions are also reduced.

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