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Operation and parameterization of the b maXX servo controller family

ProDrive offers a tool that simplifies the start-up, parameterization and operation of all b maXX regulators – for beginners as well as pros. Thanks to the intuitive user guidance of ProDrive, the initial start-up takes a particularly short time to complete.

Easy to use for beginners
When setting the parameters of the regulator, getting support with graphic user guidance is important for beginners.  You can get to the individual surfaces of the drive functions by clicking once on the overview page.  Initially, you will find a clear overview of just the most important parameters here. The detailed view will show you a list of all parameters for the respective drive function.  This provides transparency and eliminates the risk of operating errors.

Range of functions

  • Integrated, updatable power module, motor and encoder database, Integrated, updatable power module, motor and encoder database,
  • Diagnostic/analytical tools such as an oscilloscope function and FFT analysis for optimization down to the last detail and the simple and transparent analysis of the drive system; no additional devices are required for diagnostics
  • Online/offline parameterization
  • Uniaxial or multiaxial operation via Ethernet
  • Language selection: German/English
  • Guided start-up with wizard

Fast operation for pros
As a pro, you can use a short-cut. Do you prefer a list of parameters to move through the regulator structure quickly? ProDrive lets you display all parameters in one window. The parameters are structured in groups (directories) according to function. But you can also create your own groups of parameters. All parameters have symbolic names and are provided with comments. This guarantees a clear presentation here as well.

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