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Operation and parameterization of the b maXX servo-controller family

With ProDrive, a tool is available for simplifying commissioning, parameterization and operation of all b maXX controllers — for beginners and pros. Above all, the intuitive operator guidance of ProDrive allows you to carry out the initial commissioning in a short time.

ProDrive Grafik 1

Ease of operation for beginners
For beginners, the support provided by a graphical user interface for the parameterization of the controller is important. A simple click on the overview page takes you to the individual interfaces of the drive functions. At this point, this page will show you a clear overview of only the most important parameters. In the detailed view, all parameters of the corresponding drive function are listed on a single page. This ensures transparency and eliminates the risk of operating errors.

ProDrive Grafik 2

Functional range

  • Integrated, updatable power unit, motor and encoder database,
  • thus kept up-to-date by rechargeable modules
  • Diagnostics/analysis tools such as the oscilloscope function and FFT analysis for optimization down to the last detail and for the simple and transparent analysis of the drive system; no additional diagnostic equipment required
  • Online/offline parameterization
  • Single-axis or multi-axis operation via Ethernet
  • Language selection: German/English
  • Wizard-guided commissioning

ProDrive Grafik 3

Quick operation for pros
As a professional, you can take shortcuts. Do you prefer a parameter list to move quickly through the controller structure? With ProDrive, all parameters can be displayed in one window for this purpose. The parameters are divided into groups (folders) according to function. However, you can also create your own parameter groups. All parameters have symbolic designations and are additionally provided with comments. A clearly structured representation is thus guaranteed here, as well.

ProDrive Grafik 4

This makes ProDrive the time-saving tool for beginners and pros alike:
parameterization, commissioning, analysis, (remote) diagnostics and programming

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