From service company to system developer for Industry 4.0

Over 90 years ago, Heinrich Baumüller founded a repair shop for electrical machines in 1930. Thanks to its healthy economic performance, the company soon began manufacturing its own three-phase motors. In the company's second generation, Günter Baumüller took over the management, entered into new markets and regions, and expanded Baumüller to become a global player. At present, the Baumüller Group is managed by Andreas Baumüller. As a response to current megatrends, intelligent system solutions and digital services for industrial automation and drive technology as well as e-mobility have now become an integral part of Baumüller's portfolio.

Baumüller Meilensteine"Be in motion": True to its motto, the technology company has often broken new ground in the past. Its cutting-edge developments have ranged from innovations in household appliances in the 1960s, early electric drives for bicycles in the 1970s, breakthrough innovations in printing presses in the 1990s, to innovations for Industry 4.0 and the mobility of the future. This pioneering spirit has made the family-owned company one of the leading manufacturers of electrical automation and drive systems. Today, Baumüller solutions are used in many areas of mechanical and plant engineering, medical technology, and electromobility.

The Baumüller Group is not just a supplier, but also a system partner. With end-to-end life cycle management, Baumüller customers receive support through all phases, from initial project planning to the commissioning and maintenance of the machines and systems. For more than 35 years, Baumüller has been developing digitalization solutions for machine and system networks, making it an enabler for Industry 4.0.



1930 In the beginning Baumüller repairs and services DC and three phase current motors.

1945 Start of motors series manufacturing.

1960 Production of DC motors.

1970 Manufacturing of a new production series: DC converters with thyristors for main drives and servo motors.


1983 Production of disc motors.

1985 Production of a new product: DC converters with thyristors for main drives and servo motors.

1987 Beginning of a new line of business in the USA.

1991 Baumüller pioneers with the concept of direct drives.


1993 Configurable motion control and PLC. System omegamega combines quick controls and PLC.

1995 Development and production of brushless, linear three phase current motors for heavy duty.
Baumüller makes the drive "intelligent".

1996 New partnerships in Asia. Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH and KAT Controls Pvt. Ltd. India established Baumüller-Kat India Pvt. Ltd.


1998 Inauguration of the new electronic manufacturing in Nuremberg.

1999 Non contact linear drives with a small air gap for the use in conveying machineries.

2000 omegamega Drive Line II - one of the fastest PLCs in the world.


2001 Launch of b maXX 4000 - modular, scalable, open.
Godparenthood with the Martin-Behaim-Gymnasium.

2002 New series of synchronous motors - motor range in the field of direct drive technology.
Launch of Motion Control concept reduces complexity of automation software.
Project "Art in the cafeteria".


2003 Motion Control concept expands from single-axis to multi-axis applications.

2004 Inauguration of the new training center in Nuremberg.
Field bus solution on the basis of real time Ethernet for converter series, b maXX 4400.
In the course of the follow-up regulation, Andreas Baumüller becomes managing director technology of the Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH


2005 Baumüller acquires parts of Nürmont.
First distribution of the students award Mechatronik at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen.

2006 Nürmont Installations GmbH & Co. KG expands to the USA and Asia.
Baumüller develops sizemaXX, new software for drive dimensioning. With sizemaXX, the user can dimension up to six drives.
sizemaXX is awarded the top spot in the Software & Engineering Tools category by specialist magazine A&D.


2007 Baumüller develops the b maXX 1000 a frequency converter that provides for the highly efficient (vector) control of standard motors.

2008 Baumüller’s safety controller b maXX-safe PLC wins the red dot design award.
New paths to India: Baumüller Group establishes a subsidiary in India. Baumueller Kat India, a Joint Venture founded in 1996, becomes fully integrated into the Baumueller Group as Baumueller India.

2009 Nürmont Installation GmbH & Co. KG opens a new assembly hall in Freiberg/Germany.
Certification of b maXX-safePLC acc. EN-13849.

2010 Hybrid concept for mobile drives - project PowerMELA.


2011 DS motors first of use in a solar catamaran.

2012 Start of production in Wujiang China.
30 years after the production start the number of 1.000.000 GDM disc motors is reached.

2013 Inclusion of modules for servo pump, servo press and hydraulic linear drives in the dimensioning tool sizemaXX.
Membership in the VDMA sustainability initiative Blue Competence.

2014 Foundation of the subsidiary Baumueller Nuermont S.A. de C.V. in Mexico.

2015 The high-torque motors  DST2 of the sizes 315 and 400 are certified for the use in ships by Lloyd's Register.

2020 Baumüller Dravinja extended its plant to over 10,000 square meters and started up an automated paint shop


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