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Enabling 4.0 – get more out of your drive technology

The perfect motion control application for the respective machine – that is our objective for each of our customers. But what if we were to extend the scope of drive technology tasks beyond the classic purpose of motion control? After all, electric drives in the machine are close to the process and can provide extensive information.

Baumüller SmartValue

Intelligent drives become the data and sensor hub

As an extension of the classic drive tasks, the Baumüller drives offer intelligent software features, which open up completely new possibilities to the machine manufacturer and the user. The available process data are collected, preprocessed and forwarded in the drive. In addition, depending on their purpose, the available data can be added to by external sensors, e.g. the data of a transmission, in order to enable new use cases with added value. The information can be used for analysis purposes or integrated into the machine’s visualization as the status.

The mechanics and components are additionally protected in the drive by intelligent algorithms (smart protection) and processes and the quality of the product is optimized (smart optimization). These measures are dealt with independently of the control and directly in the drive, without additionally loading the field buses.

These data can also be made available via open interface standards, such as OPC UA, for flexible further processing in IoT applications. Depending on the relevant evaluation of the data, these can be processed directly in the drive or in the control, or in higher-level systems such as the computing capacity in the cloud or in an edge PC.

Smart Engineering

Digital twin saves development time

By using modern simulation techniques, enormous potential also opens up in the engineering process. To this end, Baumüller expands its classic design and parameterizing software to include numerous new Industry 4.0 functions of the digital twin. The selected drive components can be combined in a model, for example, with the mechanics of the machine, and the drive parameters necessary for real operation can be determined and tested (smart optimization). Through the work in the virtual environment, the time required for the subsequent commissioning can be reduced significantly. The commissioning can be started virtually before the prototype is set up. Baumüller provides a detailed model of its drive components (servo motors and servo drives) for this purpose.

Smart Connectivity

Edge performance for AI and machine learning

In addition, Baumüller offers solutions that enable the networking of components, machines and systems. If the computing capacity in the drive is insufficient to process the data, for example, for AI and machine learning applications, the b maXX PLC IoT, for example, can be used as an edge controller. With the PLC IoT, data can be collected directly in the machine, preprocessed and output at other terminal devices or the cloud. It makes extensive and complex data analyses possible in order to enable Industry 4.0 applications, such as predictive maintenance.

Smart Remote Access

Worldwide remote maintenance with the highest security standards

Ubiquity can be used via remote access to access the machines securely worldwide. In case of an error, fast diagnosis and problem solving are enabled by remote programming and parameterization. The software is certified to IEC 62443-3-3, BSI basic protection catalog (BSI - German Federal Office for Information Security) and reduces standstill times in production and maximizes availability throughout the machine’s entire life cycle.

Smart Sustainability

Industry 4.0 promotes sustainability

The ecological footprint has established itself as an important sustainability indicator for the production of a product. It indicates how much CO2 is required for the production. In many cases, the challenge for the overall system of motors, drives, transmissions and actuators (e.g. servo pump) lies in calculating the energy consumption over the operating cycle. This is made difficult by the fact that in many cases the efficiencies depend on the respective operating point.

Intelligent drives enable data to be recorded in real time and direct calculations to be performed with efficiency characteristics in order to determine the real efficiencies. In this way, the real energy consumption of the machine can be determined and the ecological footprint can be deduced. In addition, the data acquired can be used to identify and specifically optimize individual energy consumers in the process.

These data are also important for calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a machine.

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