Industry 4.0

In every phase of value creation, Industry 4.0 generates additional benefits through an increase in efficiency for the mechanical engineer. Baumüller thus supports you in developing new or expanded business models throughout the entire machine life cycle, starting with the project planning and engineering, to the commissioning and operation, to the service of the machines and systems.

Simulation - Higher level of efficiency and quality in the machine's development process

  • Increasing complexity in the development of machines and systems as well as growing demands for flexibility
  • Increased engineering and commissioning costs for the development of new machines (personnel and financial)
  • Longer time-to-market
  • Models for the simulation of Baumüller drive components (e.g. for inverter series b maXX 4000 and 5000)
  • Engineering support in the design and implementation of the entire machine while using common simulation tools
  • Faster time-to-market: More efficient engineering, software can be tested on virtual machine during the development phase (different configurations, different customer cycles)
  • Machine optimization: Errors are corrected at an early stage and the interplay of the individual components is evaluated in advance
  • Increase in efficiency: Precision in the dimensioning of the electric drive train through simulation of the entire system saves operating costs
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Guided commissioning through wizard - fast and fault-minimized machine set-up

  • Risk of incorrect input or incomplete data input during commissioning of machines and systems
  • Hard to calculate time effort
  • Specific expertise required for commissioning
  • Operating and parameterizing tool ProDrive for the parameterization, commissioning, analysis and diagnosis
  • Integrated wizard quickly and easily guides the user through the individual steps of the basic commissioning of the servo pump
  • Faster commissioning: Input of parameters is made superfluous due to access to a motor and inverter database; selection of one motor/inverter combination suffices
  • Error prevention: Due to the step-by-step guidance through the program, no input is forgotten and the risk of faulty inputs is minimized
  • Saves resources: Group of employees in the company that can carry out commissioning is expanded
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UBIQUITY – Remote maintenance and programming at the highest level of safety

  • Global access to machines and systems for quick and efficient remote maintenance and programming
  • High demands on industrial security for safe connections
  • Ubiquity runtime environment pre-installed on all Windows-based b maXX HMIs
  • Can be used without additional application programs or separate hardware
  • Certified according to IEC 62443 3-3, BSI basic protection catalog (Federal Office for Information Security)
  • Increased availability: Quick and global remote diagnostics and fault rectification
  • Reduced service costs: Quick expert support for different customers at the same time is possible as well as savings of travel time and travel costs
  • Easy to use: No IT skills required for configuration and use
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BAUDIS IoT – Predictive maintenance and process optimization reduces service costs

  • Ongoing optimization of availability required in production
  • High maintenance and spare parts costs due to fixed maintenance intervals
  • Heterogeneous machinery with different manufacturers and years of manufacture
  • Globally used, highly-specialized service teams
  • Complete BAUDIS IoT system
  • Design and consultation, sensor system, evaluation units, software, connection to the IT infrastructure
  • Digitization of brownfield and greenfield plants
  • Increased availability: Predictable maintenance measures reduce service costs and downtime
  • Cost reduction: Maintenance and replacement only due to actual wear
  • Service optimization: Resource-optimized planning of service deployments
  • Increased productivity: Ongoing process analysis and optimization through customizable big data algorithms
  • Scalable solution: Can be used independently of the manufacturer and year of manufacture and thus is flexible to retrofit and expand
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IoT consultation and engineering services for your competitiveness

  • Requirements for mechanical engineering are increasing (e.g. greater productivity and machine availability, predictive maintenance, etc.)
  • Requirements for producers are increasing (e.g. customizable production, flexible integration of machines and plants into existing systems)
  • IoT consultation for your first steps towards Industry 4.0 by specialists of the Baumüller group
  • Tailor-made hardware and software solutions in the areas of preventative services, connectivity (e.g. networking of existing systems) as well as the realization of holistic IoT solutions for production
  • Increased competitive advantage: New functionalities, service concepts and business models create additional customer benefits
  • Increased value generation: Development of additional or new customer potential
  • Optimization of existing systems: Process optimization and increased productivity through digital solutions
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Baumüller gives you intelligent components and solutions for the smart digitization and networking of machines and systems.

We help you with the necessary connections and interfaces for Industry 4.0.

Together let‘s think about what solutions we can develop for your production of tomorrow.

Download our Industry 4.0 brochure here.

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