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Your expert partner for electronic services — from consulting to manufacturing of complex systems

Through continuous investment in people and machines, we can guarantee the maximum process reliability in the production of your electronic modules and systems.


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EMS services:

  • Project management
    • Technology consulting
    • Layout refinement
    • Material procurement
  • Production
    • Prototype placement
    • Small and medium series
    • Power and control technology
  • Unit assembly
  • Packaging and logistics
  • After-Sales-Service


SMD placement

Our four modern automated SMD placement machines with integrated continuous set-up checks can manufacture 67,000 components per hour to IPC standards. Traceability is one of our core standards.
On request, the modules can also be marked with serial numbers or other specifications.

Convection reflow soldering system

Our ultra-modern convection reflow soldering system with eight heating zones provides excellent and reproducible soldering results at comparatively low temperature settings.
Our manufacturing processes are optimized so that we can reliably and flexibly process your production order as rapidly as possible with maximum machine utilization.


THT placement

Push-through mounting remains a key component in PCB manufacturing. The components are placed on our light pointer tables either by a THT automated machine or manually.
Subsequently, the modules are soldered under inert gas — separately for RoHS and Pb — using modern wave soldering systems.

Unit assembly

In the assembly department, we process your modules into complete units. Ultramodern screwdriver technology with user-guided interfaces provides the basis for unsurpassed quality.


Electronic testing

Automatic optical inspection (AOI) is indispensable for zero-defect production in SMD placement. In the AOI system, modules are tested using the following criteria:

  • Positioning (X/Y offset and rotation)
  • BGAs with laser height measurement system
  • Soldering points
  • Jumpers
  • Polarity

The integrated reference database ensures consistent inspection quality.

Depending on customer requirements and the agreed scope, the finished modules undergo an in-circuit test, burn-in test or function test. The function and durability tests carried out here via product-specific test adapters and test electronics minimize the risk of malfunctions during each system's life cycle.

Stefan Jordan Electronic Manufacturing Service
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Stefan Jordan

Read the interview with Stefan Jordan, Sales Manager of EMS at Baumüller here .

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