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Energy distribution platform BAS-Link DC-Grid

The BAS-Link DC-Grid energy distribution for the drive system is carried out based on a joint DC link. In order to achieve a high level of energy efficiency, the drive system and on-board voltage consumers draw power from the DC link.

Single error tolerance design according to the DNV requirements is the standard.

The DC link is constructed in two distributions. These are interconnected during normal operation. If there is an error in part of the DC link supply, it is switched off. The non-defective part of the DC link supply can continue to operate. The DC links are monitored with 2 insulation monitors. The DC link is structured selectively according to the DNV and Estrin 2023 specifications.

There is a charging circuit for charging the DC link. When the DC link is discharged, a bulk charge must be carried out. The bulk charge is carried out either via the charge connection or the batteries.

bas link dc gridBAS-Link DC-Grid energy distribution can be either centralized or decentralized.

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