Environmental and Recycling Technology

Environmental technology includes all technical procedures to reduce environmental damages. The function of the technologies and systems is the protection either before or after any damages occur.

  • Disposal
  • Recycling
  • Process engineering
  • Water, ground and radiation protection
  • Renewable energies
  • Measuring technology

Recycling offers numerous benefits, especially by utilizing the residual value of materials, saving resources or reducing landfills. High-performance shredders can crush entire car bodies and transform them into reusable granulates. Driving such a system requires enormous power. That is why handling excessive loads and heavy peak loads is one of the challenges which drive systems for recycling technology have to master. With their compact, robust design and suitable torque, the DST high-torque motors from Baumüller are the ideal choice for applications in recycling and disposal technology.

  • Shredders
  • Cutting mills
  • Hammer mills/grinding mills
  • Fine grinding mills
  • Briquetting presses
  • Balers
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