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Environmental & Recycling Technology

3 main challenges for recycling professionals –
How direct drive technology helps machine manufacturers to resolve them

With industrial shredders, materials made of plastic, wood, metal and waste are quickly shredded to the desired size. End users require robust and efficient solutions regarding a high throughput with minimum downtime.

Innovation targets for recycling professionals

  • Availability: Reduce maintenance intervals, costs and downtime
  • Flexibility: Maximum recycling material variation
  • Energy Efficiency: Save up to 30% of energy
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Alternative system solutions

These targets can be met by using an electrical direct drive system which combines inverters and speed-controllable torque motors. These torque motors offer very high torques even at low speeds and also impress with outstanding true running characteristics and a robust design.

Link zum Beitrag Low-maintenance drive technology for difficult production conditions - Concepts for servo motors and servo converters

Availability: Reduce maintenance intervals, costs and downtimeAvailability: Reduce maintenance intervals, costs and downtime

Wear-off of shredder scissors is a main reason for maintenance work or even unplanned downtime at a shredder. Also with worn scissors the material quality decreases.
With torque control overloads or blockages are recognized and the shredder is either stopped or reverses rotation of scissors to unblock the shredding tool. This greatly reduced the wear-off of all components and reduced maintenance.

Even in the case the shredder must be stopped to e.g. remove a foreign object the drive can be restarted at a desired torque-speed profile which can be developed for the respective material being shredded. Even maximum torque at zero speed can be easily generated by the direct drive technology.

In many cases gearboxes with high transmission ratio are used to drive the shredding tool within a conventional hydraulic system. The gearboxes might suffer from torque fluctuations and shocks within the system. Therefore the gearboxes must be very robust in tough working conditions.

An alternative is to use torque motors in combination with e.g. a direct coupling, a belt drive or a more simple gearbox with low transmission ratio for the torque transmission. The resulting less complex mechanical system assembly proves higher robustness against shocks and vibrations and increases availability.

Flexibility: Maximum recycling material variationFlexibility: Maximum recycling material variation

Different materials require different torques and speeds for optimal shredding results. By using torque motors, variable speed operation is possible while keeping energy efficiency at optimum. This is hard to achieve with conventional drive systems like diesel engines are hydraulic drives.

The high speed control accuracy of the Baumüller torque motor improves the shredding output quality. Each piece of waste should have roughly the same size after the shredding process.

Energy Efficiency: Save up to 30% of energyEnergy Efficiency: Save up to 30% of energy

Low energy consumption is a further criteria that were decisive for the choice of drive concept.
By using direct drive technology the energy consumption can be reduced by up to 30 percent compared to conventional shredder systems. The biggest advantage is the energy efficiency of the motor over a wide speed range.

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Direct Drive Package from Baumüller

Baumüller is a specialist for direct drive technology in industrial applications for over 20 years. The product range contains the complete drive package for industrial shredding technology – from the high-torque motors to the inverters and the control technology.dst2 560 recycling

The high-torque motors DST2

With high-torque motors in the DST2 series, Baumüller offers a powerful gearless drive technology for low-maintenance and energy-efficient solutions. The high-torque servo motors are currently available in six sizes, and depending on size can reach speeds up to 2000 min-1 and an output of 1150 kW.

b maXX 5500 - Servo drives for high outputs up to 315 kW

The b maXX 5500 is available in seven sizes. Rectifiers, intermediate circuit capacities and inverters are integrated in all devices. A wide range of cooling variants allows the selection of an optimally adapted cooling system.

In the video you will learn more about the cooperation with WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH and get to know our drive solution for shredding systems:

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