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Automation systems in a new dimension

With Baumüller you can design your machines to be flexible and highly efficient

We plan and deliver complete automation systems for our customers - from the operating system to the machine control, including software solutions, to drives. The results of our work can be found in almost all branches of mechanical engineering. This is based on scalable components, which can be freely combined and optimally adapted to your machine topology. By using standardized interfaces, your automation solutions from Baumüller are state-of-the-art, future-proof and extendable.

automation overview

For your automation systems, the choice is yours – determine the extent to which you want to use the Baumüller components, modules and services. Benefit from the possibility of freely combining function modules, technology solutions, and libraries, and optimally adapting them to your needs. Protect your automation know-how with your own libraries; draw on your stored knowledge for new projects and reduce your project planning effort.


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Automation concepts, control technology, field bus communication,
ProMaster, Motion Control, IoT Industry 4.0, b maXX HMI, I/O systems