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DSMI - high torque

AC disc motor with integrated servo controller

The DSMI is a high-torque servo drive and is designed for all users whose machines place high demands on smooth running behavior and overload capacity. With its compact design and availability in customized versions, the drive can be optimally integrated into the machine's design.

The DSDM's high overload capacity makes high load changes possible. In addition, good acceleration characteristics increase machine output and thus improve plant efficiency.

Take advantage of numerous benefits:

  • Integrated power and control electronics
  • High torque
  • Very good smooth running characteristics
  • Virtually constant torque across a wide speed range
  • High overload capacity
  • Housing design with very short construction
  • Detent-free (coreless motor winding)
  • Permanent magnet synchronous servo motor
  • Main connection via plug
  • Protection class IP54
  • Optional holding brake (up to 2 Nm)
  • Optionally available with spur or planetary gearing (also with direct motor mounting)

Technical Data - DSMI

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